Friday, June 02, 2006

Vacation!!! Finally.

Twin and I are leaving tonight for a week on the Outer Banks, NC. Thank God. I have been looking forward to this for months. Work has been killing me lately.

We may have rented the smallest cottage on the Outer Banks. When we were choosing, we kept looking at all these beautiful houses. Look, this one's got a jacuzzi! A pool! Hot tub! Home theater! Sadly though, Julie and I both have jobs that we like, but don't make us a whole lot of money. (Damn my hippie parents! Why couldn't I have been raised all materialist and consumerist?!!) So listed as the amenities for our house: cable tv, private well. WTF? Private well? We have therefore been calling it alternately the Shit Hole or the Little Shack. It will definitely be an adventure.

But it's really close to the beach and in a beautiful area, so I'm not complaining. Since the Little Shack is so amenity-free, I will be without internet. I'll definitely be having some withdrawal symptoms.

I, of course, plan to do plenty of reading.


Dora said...

Oops, I forgot to pick up those leftover chocolate cupcakes. I'm sure you found someone to take them though.

Jennie said...

Yeah, I gave them to Elke. She said her son would definitely appreciate them. Sorry!