Friday, June 29, 2007


Mini going-away party with friends from work tonight:

Fun Jennie: Woot! Drinks! Friends! Yay!
Sensible Jennie: You're going to feel like shit tomorrow.
Fun Jennie: Whgo cares! Fun! Wheee!
Sensible Jennie: Don't order anoter round.
Fun Jennie: Hee, ou're fungy. I mean funny.

Fun Jennie: Oh, these people are so cool, why are you leaving NY?? There won't be people this cool in NC!
Sensible Jennie: Yes, you loser, there will be plenty of cool people in NC too. And please stop with the exclamation points, you're being silly.

Fun Jennie: Heee, I can't relaly type right now. Hee hee. I'm having to edit almost every single world. Word. You kow what I menat.
Sensible Jennie: No, actually, you're quite hard to understand right now.
Fun Jennie: No, Im not, you just haven't had enough of this here drinks, they're fvery gasty, I mean tasty.
Sensible: Go to bed, you silly slittle girl.

Ok, nighty night.


CindyS said...

Yay for Fun Jennie!!! Poor baby (ala Holly) for Sensible Jennie ;)


nath said...

hey Jennie :D I hope you had fun, but actually, I'm sure Fun jennie had :D and I hope you won't feel too bad when you wake up this morning LOL :P

Mailyn said...

Bahahaha!!! I'm not the only that talks, and answers herself!!!!

I'm still with FunJennie on the cool people in NY. :-P

Jennie said...

Okay, not too bad this morning. I've felt better, but not too bad. A little hangover food and I'll be right as rain. ;) Totally worth it.

julieree said...

heeeeee! Glad you had fun, pookie. But you forget: I am in NC, thus that is automatically where the cool people are.

Jennie said...

Too true, cherie. :)