Monday, June 11, 2007

Crusie news

Agnes and the Hitman got a great review at Smart Bitches. Woo hoo! I didn't love Don't Look Down, but I didn't not like it. Maybe the Crusie/Mayer collaboration has hit its stride now. On sale in late August, I think. I want!

And apparently she is doing ANOTHER collaboration, this time with Lani Diane Rich (yay!) and again with Anne Stuart (only slightly less enthusiastic yay!---I've only read one of her books, which I thought was fantastic and reminds me that I need to read the others of hers I have TBR). It's about ancient Mesopotamian goddesses reincarnated. (yay!) It sounds completely oddball and wonderful. They seem to be working on it slowly as other projects allow and don't have a contract for it yet (though I doubt this would be a problem, especially if Unfortunate Miss Fortunes does well).

As excited as I am by all this, I am a little worried I'm never going to have another solo Crusie to read. But she does have three solo books listed on her W.I.P. page. So surely it will happen. ;)

Edited to add: A new website is up for The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes. It's so pretty.

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Marg said...

I am glad to read a good review of this one. I was kind of underwhelmed by Don't Look Down as well.

nath said...

I know, Jennie! I can't wait for a solo book of hers :P It's not that collaborations are not good, but solo might be better :D

Jennie said...

Marg--I think a lot of my problem with DLD was that I didn't know what to expect from it---it is sort of an odd mixture. Maybe I'll be better prepared for Agnes. :)

Nath--We must be patient! I'm not very good at that though. Lol. ;)