Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered...and now I'm getting the hell out.

Big news! All about me, me, me. (So if you don't know me, or care about my personal life, click away, click away!)

I'm leaving New York! Gak!

Basically, I can't take living here anymore. I think all New Yorkers have a love/hate relationship with the city, but I've been feeling the hate way too often lately. I moved here after college for one reason and one reason only: to work in book publishing. And it is great and exciting (though not as glamorous as it may sound), but it's not enough to keep me here. If the center of book publishing were in some small city (preferably in the south), I would stay there forever and be as happy as a clam. Alas. There are many things I will really miss about my life here, but it is time to move on.

Now you are probably asking what I am moving on to. Well, I'm not exactly sure. Probably life as a librarian. (Where else can I be surrounded by books all day?!) I actually applied to a lot of masters programs and got very favorable results (I was rather proud of myself), but then I panicked and decided I wasn't quite ready for grad school yet. I've never really worked in a library, so life as a librarian is still kind of an abstract idea to me. What kind of librarian do I want to be? And do I want to spend two years of my life in grad school to be one? This is what I need to figure out. :)

So I am moving to Chapel Hill, NC. (EEEE! It's in the south, where it's sunny and warm and beautiful! And nearer my family too.) Twin is coming too---she's actually already gotten a fabulous job down there and everything. I'm applying to library positions and hoping that something comes through because I'm really excited about it. But if I have to take a few months and rely on the freelance editing I do, that would be pretty cool too. I've been working my butt off; I deserve a little break.

I have three more weeks of work here and then I'm outta here. I am sometimes sad and worried, but mostly excited and happy . . . and a bit relieved. New York really isn't the easiest place to live (at least for me). I don't like change, but after moving to NY as a little 23-year-old, knowing not a soul and having no job or money, well, this transition is going to be a piece of cake. ;)

Now for the important question: Anyone know of any good bookshops in the Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham area?

And listen to the great James Taylor. Is it any wonder I want to move there?


Jayne said...

Jennie, I'll be right down the road from you. Plus I'm a UNC-CH grad so I'm always glad when someone realizes how wonderful the place is! ;)

There are tons of bookstores (new and used) in the area and tons of authors live around here. Laura Florand met lots of them when SEP came through and did a signing for her latest book a few months ago.

nath said...

Wow :D that is some exciting news for you indeed :D you are sooo courageous! And I'm so jealous, you are going to work in a library... seriously, I should have taken that path too...

so does that mean you're quitting, quitting the publishing industry? As in, no editing anymore? Also, what about your twin?

Marg said...

That is very exciting...and a bit nerve racking! Sounds great though!

Jennie said...

Jayne--We visited CH and I just loved it. I think it's going to be a great place to live. ;)

Nath--Yes, I've quit my job here. It was tough, but definitely the right decision. I'm going to be doing some proofreading from down there at least at first to help bridge the gap between jobs. We'll see how it goes. I can't do it full-time, or I'd go insane. :)

Thanks, Marg!

Megan Frampton said...

Wow, what exciting news! I went to Chapel Hill once--we think our son was conceived there--and i really liked it.

Good luck, keep us updated with what's going on.

ag said...

I'm so excited and happy for you! so when's the BIG MOVE?

I've always wanted a job in a library or a bookstore for my retirement. SO congrats!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I've heard lots of good things about CH :)

jmc said...

Er, sorry that last was me, jmc.

Wendy said...

*sigh* That's one of my favorite James Taylor songs.

Depending on what the library situation is down there, you could easily get a para-professional position as an assistant or clerk. Test the waters to see if it's really what you want to do. But again, there's lots of options open to you - you don't have to become a public librarian (although we have the most fun with fiction!)

Devon said...

Congrats Jennie! Believe me I hear ya on the NY thing.

Just to stump the librarian thing a bit, I have to tell you that all the librarians I know love being librarians, whether they're public, school, academic or law librarians. I don't think you find that that often. You won't make a ton of money, but there's a lot of personal satisfaction to be found.

You should put up REM "Leaving NY" or that Ryan Adams song as a counterpoint to JT.

Good luck on the job search!

Zeek said...

Love this song because I too lived in Carolina for a few yrs. (In Charlotte!) It's sometimes tough as a northerner when you get into surrounding areas but around Charlotte and Chapel Hill it's just fine! (Because no one from Charlotte is FROM Charlotte! hee hee)

Li said...

Oh wow - big news! Best of luck with your move.

Do you think you'll miss living in a big city? (I admit I've no idea how large Chapel Hill is though!)

Jennie said...

Megan--LOL. You must have liked CH. :) I will miss Brooklyn though!

AG--The move is set for July 9--hopefully it won't be too hot that day. Last time I moved it was the middle of August and good god it was so hot!

JMC--A lot of people seem to love CH, so I'm thinking I will too.

Wendy--I love James Taylor. And I don't think I've ever seen any video of him when he was that young. He was completely adorable. Re: library jobs--yeah, I'm applying to support staff positions in the academic libraries down there. The public libraries seem not to be hiring (seems like a pretty small system), but I'll keep a lookout. I can always volunteer too.

Devon--I'm used to not having too much money. But I've gotten by on my little publishing salary very well. Food and books--really all I need. ;) And my living expenses will be so much lower down there. I love that librarians all seem to love their jobs!

Zeek--I'm actually from Virginia, so I won't have the northerner problem. :) But I have heard that the CH area is very progressive for the south, which is definitely a good thing.

Jennie said...

Li--I will miss a few things about the city (I'm thinking of making a list for a blog post :D). But mostly I won't. Chapel Hill is a big town--there's a university there, so the population is pretty large, but it still has some small-town feel to it. And it's very close to two small cities (Raleigh and Durham). So I think it will be a good fit for me.

Kristie (J) said...

I'm very impressed that you are making such a big move. It takes a lot of guts and good for you and twin!!!

Kerry said...

Absolutely get some library experience--any library experience at all--to test it out and see if it's what you want to do before spending the money. Too many aspiring librarians don't and wind up bitching when they can't get a job. And honestly, working with people and information in some way is transferable from special/public/academic--don't get to hung up on what kind of librarian you want to be, just work on being a good librarian.

raspberry swyrl said...

I don't know if I could do it willingly! I lived in London for a year on a work holiday visa and yes I was broke all the time, the tube in the morning was unbearable, the pollution horrible and the weather blah, but I still miss it!

Rowena said...

Wow, that's a great move but a great one I'm sure! Good luck sweetie and I wish you nothing but luck in whatever you choose to do, be it librarian or going to grad school.


Jayne said...

Jennie, hate to tell you but the last two days here have been around 95 degrees. By mid July, it feels like you're swimming through the heat with all the humidity we get.

C2 said...

Yay you! Awesome! I think you'll like living in the south. Just try not to be suspicious when people are friendly...they don't have an ulterior motive, I promise (well, once in a great while someone will). :o)

Tons of cool places to drive around and see nearby, too. Oh, you'll like it lots, says me.

Jennie said...

Kristie--Thanks! Both Twin and I are happy about it. :)

Kerry--Yes, some library experience will definitely be a good thing. And it is a degree that has fairly wide application---the whole information science part applies to almost any profession these days.

Raspberry--I'll like to come back to visit, but I think I'll like the smaller town. But then London is cooler than NY, imo. ;)

Thanks, Rowena!

Jayne--Aww, 95, that's nothing! Hee hee. Our new apartment has AC so I'll be able to manage. :)

C2--Yes, I am looking forward to the southern hospitality. It will take me a while to get used to looking people I meet on the road in the eye and saying hello! :)

CindyS said...

Phew! I was all worried about your twin until you told us she was moving too.

I don't live in a big city but I do get some delivery and I imagine that would be what I would miss most. Everything else is just too big and too noisy.

Talk about a huge life change but it sounds like moving to NY was the harder of the two. I hope you find something that will bring you great joy and no gloating in the winter when you still have warm weather ;)


ames said...

Good stuff Jennie!! :P

I think you're very brave for making such a big decision. I've often thought of going to another city, but I can't even leave home!! LOL

Glad twin is going with you.

Jennie said...

Cindy--LOL! I couldn't leave Twin here in the city all by herself! And having my groceries delivered will be one big thing I miss about the city. :)

Ames--Well, it's not that brave. I'm actually moving back much closer to my family, which will be nice. :P