Friday, June 22, 2007

My TBR's been on a diet

Twin made me pack up my books! She was a packing maniac. We did all the bookcases, and then she turned her eyes on my TBR.

Me: "Noooo! We don't move for three more weeks!"
Twin: "You're going to read all those books before we move?"
Me: "Of course not. But I might want to read any one of them. I need options."
Twin: "You don't need that many options."

So here is our compromise. Look at the tiny TBR now!


Kerry said...

Oh no, your photos aren't big enough. I can't check out the titles and see what you've got on your shelf that I've got on mine!

I'm on your side rather than Twin's. You need choices. Lots of choices.

And more seriously, all the best with the move.

Mailyn said...

Awww, that sucks that you had to narrow down the TBR. I also agree that you should have kept all of them because you may not know what you will want to read next.

ReneeW said...

Twin is tough. I sympathize completely. We need to have options just in case we are in a particular mood. I tried blowing up the pictures to read titles but it was too blurry. I did see Contact by Susan Grant. I have that one in my TBR too.

nath said...

LOL :D hey Jennie :D

it's good that you don't leave your books to be packed at the last minute :D So good thing :D and you still have a lot of choice there :D

C2 said...

Well, that's just harsh, says me. Mean, mean Twin! ;-)

The books are always the part I dread packing the most. Yikes!

Jennie said...

Sorry, guys, I don't know how to make the pictures bigger. :( Annoying, I know. I always like to blow up the pictures to see what books are on people's shelves. Maybe next time I can figure it out!

CindyS said...

MEAN!! But did you guys at least mark the boxes things like 'Emergency books' and 'Anne Stuart keepers' etc so you know where you can find books you absolutely must have NOW?

Cause that would be worse!

Now, go pack up all her craft stuff and see if she hurts you ;)


Jennie said...

LOLOL, Cindy! I have all my books alphabetical by author, so I did mark the boxes that way (Twin gave me some weird looks). But twice already I've wanted to look at a particular book and couldn't. (Actually I could, but I'm too lazy to look through the boxes.)

And she's already packed up her craft stuff, so I can't even retaliate that way!

Mad said...

That's just downright cruel! *G* So sorry your TBR had to be downsized.

Kristie (J) said...

It is tough to have to put them away and I sympathize. But on the bright side - look at how good it will be when you're moved and you can unpack them all again!

QB said...

*jaw drops*

Does she really expect you to go 3 whole weeks with that wee TBR pile?!

That's just CRUEL!


julieree said...


hee hee

You'll be thankful when we get down to the final packing weekend and you only have that wee pile to pack up. Yeah, then you'll thank me. I'll wait for that. ;)