Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where, oh where, did my sidebar go?

OK, so when I view my blog in IE (at work, hee hee!), the sidebar gets shoved way down below all the posts. And I have no idea why. It didn't used to do that. Maybe the Olive movies are too wide?

It looks fine in Firefox. I'm annoyed. Anyone have any idea how I can fix it?


jmc said...

I used IE at work, and usually the side bar appears in the normal place. But not today. Don't know why.

julieree said...

yeah, pookie. i think it's the olive movie. It's 425px and I think your column width is set at 400px. I guess that's the problem? maybe we should try reloading the movie in google video.

but then, only a fool uses explorer anyway. ;)

Dance Chica said...

Yeah, it's probably the Olive movies are too large. The blogger help page, Why does my sidebar shift to the bottom of the page? pretty much says that if something--a link, etc--is too large, it'll result in the sidebar dropping to the bottom. You can click the link if you want to read more on it. It's pretty short.

Jennie said...

Hmm. Stupid Yahoo movie. I guess I'll reload Olive part the 2nd to google movie.

jmc--Good to know it's not always like that.

Julie--Some of us work for corporations who don't give us any choice in the matter. And there's nothing wrong with IE. You are being a mac snob. ;)

DC--thanks for the link!