Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm alive, really.

Twin and I just got back from a long weekend in VA with our family. 'Twas lovely. Shopping and lots of home cooking--yay! I would write a review this evening, but my RTB column is supposed to be uploaded tonight. Ummm. Topic, topic...I'm sure there's one here in my brain somewhere.

Have you all seen Dear Author's interview with Sarah S. G. Franz and Eric Selinger? Very, very interesting. I want to take Eric's class on popular romance fiction. The best I was able to do in college was a seminar on Jane Austen. I liked it, but it made reading P&P my homework, deeming it all of a sudden work and not play, which did not sit comfortably with me. I think now that I'm not a student I could appreciate it more. ;)


ames said...

Glad you're alive and that you had a great visit. No I didn't read that post and I definitely need to give P&P another chance.

Jennie said...

You should definitely read P&P, Ames. It's a classic (but not at all boring like so many are!).