Friday, April 27, 2007

Hey, she's written a lotta other stuff too!

My copy of Not Quite a Lady came in the mail today. (Yippee!) I was fondling it flipping through it and noticed, first, the ugly stepback. Ugh--that looks painful. Then I noticed the ad card on page ii, where it lists titles by Loretta Chase:
Not Quite a Lady
The Last Hellion
Lord of Scoundrels
And that’s it. HELLO?! She’s written way more books than that---only they weren’t published by Avon. I know that publishers do this, but every time I see it I just think it’s so petty. Oh, no, can’t advertise for another publisher. No matter that they are doing their author no favors by pretending that half their backlist (even books that are still very much in print) doesn’t exist. Especially in this case, as this book is the last in a series, and none of the others are mentioned anywhere. If I were Loretta Chase, I would be upset about it.

At least Avon is reissuing The Last Hellion and Lord of Scoundrels. Though I like my old copy of LoS. It's Patrick Swayze rolling around in a bed of fluorescent flowers and purple foil--what's not to like?


Kristie (J) said...

Oooh Hooo - I didn't know they were rereleasing LOS!! Is it the same cover or a different one? Or did they show it? I haven't got Not Quite A Lady yet. I'm pouting because she moved to Avon :-(

Jennie said...

I looked on Chase's website and for LoS and TLH it said something like, "Coming soon in a new package..." So I think that means new covers. They'll probably match Not Quite a Lady with the painting-type illustrations.