Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Title: Finders Keepers
Author: Linnea Sinclair
Published: 2005, Bantam
Category: SciFi Romance
Rating: 7.5/10

I liked Games of Command so much, I moved right on to this one. Twin just asked me if this book has a sequel named Losers Weepers. I don't think that'd make a very good romance. LOL.

Trilby Elliot is a independent freight-carrier (like FedEx in space). She's landed on a deserted planet to make some repairs to her trusty, though rickety, spaceship. Her work is interrupted when another ship falls from the sky--a 'Sko fighter plane. Trilby assumes the pilot is dead and goes through the wreckage to see if anything is salvageable. She finds that the pilot is still living and that he isn't 'Sko (they are a non-human sort of life form, who are enemies) but a man. She decides she can't just leave him there to die, so she takes him in. When the man wakes, it turns out that he is Rhis Vanur, an Imperial military officer. He talks Trilby into taking him back to his fleet, and she gets caught up in the events that unfold as they uncover a political/military plot between the 'Sko and an Imperial leader. (Okay, a lot of other stuff happens too, but this is the gist. *g*)

I enjoyed this one just as much as GoC, for the same reason--I loved the combo of romance between truly engaging characters and exciting adventure. The hero/heroine reminded me a lot of those in GoC. Trilby is the scrappy underdog and Rhis is the forbidding, seemingly emotionless military man. Both feel unworthy of love: Trilby as an orphan who has recently been used and left by a womanizer, and Rhis as the unapproachable leader who is alienated from those around him because of his position. I loved seeing them both realize how right they were for each other, and how lucky they felt when they finally accept that their love is mutual.

I think the action and plotting of this book are actually stronger and tighter than GoC. I didn't get confused anywhere, which is always a good sign. ;) So why doesn't it have a higher grade than GoC? Well, Kel-Paten still trumps anything in this book. LOL. Isn't it funny how we will forgive a book nearly any fault if we are in love with one of its characters?


nath said...

Hey Jennie :D

I saw Finders Keepers when I went to buy GoC... I actually don't know what I feel about GoC, so I'll be holding out on this one for awhile... but happy you like it so much!

Jennie said...

Hi Nath--
Oh, you didn't like GoC? In that case, I'd stay away from this one, as I found it quite similar (which was good in my case as I liked them!). :D

Rosario said...

Similar to GOC? Ok, then, it's coming out of the TBR immediately!

Rosario said...

I forgot, I meant to ask you if your book says if it's been reworked at all from the original ebook published by NovelBooks Inc (which is the version I have).

Jennie said...

Rosario--yes, I found it very similar and almost just as good. And no furzels, you'll be happy to hear. ;)

My copy of Finders Keepers (Bantam 2005) doesn't say anything about it being previously published in any form. I thought publishers were required to put that on the copyright page. I did notice that there was a note about it in GoC.

Maybe FK was not altered when it went to print from the ebook, so they didn't need to mention it? I don't know.

Asha said...
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Devon said...

I'm getting this. I loved GoC, and this sounds good too.

Over on the Alien Romances blog, (you can get there from my blog) Sinclair put up some extras including on that goes into Kel-Paten's beckground a bit more.

Jennie said...

Alien Romances blog--that sounds fun. ;) I'll have to check it out. I'd love me some more Kel-Paten.