Saturday, October 28, 2006

Um, can I have a dare instead?

This 5 Truths meme has been spreading around like wildfire. Megan and Mailyn tagged me.

So, I will try. Let's see--five things I know to be true:

1. As long as I have to use a laundromat, I will never be able to force myself to do my laundry until every piece of clothing in my wardrobe is dirty. Don't know why, but this of all domestic tasks is the worst for me.

2. Nearly every time I go to the dentist I will have a cavity. "Just a small one!" the dentist says all jolly-like. Umm, I don't care if it's small, its remedy will still involve novicaine, drilling, and an exorbitant fee 20% of which I will have to pay. (Thank God for insurance.) No matter that I am religious about brushing/flossing/mouth washing. Oh no. 'Tis faulty genes, methinks. *Shakes fist at parents.*

3. Thinking is best done while walking. I love walking and hiking, which is a good thing as I am only too happy to pass on all other forms of exercise. If I have a problem to figure out or something to mull over, I always come up with a better solution if I take a walk.

4. I'm a pressure crier. Sad movies don't make me cry. Not even Hallmark commercials. Ditto sad books (usually, though I can think of a couple). But put me in a situation where I have to defend myself against an antagonistic person, and I will tear up. It sucks.

5. Calvin and Hobbes was the greatest cartoon ever. I still miss it.

I'm not tagging anyone specifically, but if you haven't done it, consider yourself tagged. :)


jmc said...

Calvin and Hobbes. :sigh: No other comic measures up. Clearing off an old, old cork board this weekend, I found several old C&H strips tacked up, along with old ticket stubs, post cards, snips of this and that. The complete works book is on my wishlist, but I haven't been able to justify it...yet.

Mailyn said...

A Rose at Midnight!!! A Rose at Midnight!!!! Best Stuart evah!!!! I did enjoy Lord of Danger a lot. Also To Love a Dark Lord.

Moving on, yay for your truths! I think a lot of people get emotional when someone attacks them although some just get angry lol but nothing bad about crying! Just make sure you cry while you are kneeing their crotch. Mehehe.

Looove Calvin and Hobbes!!!

Dance Chica said...

"Just make sure you cry while you are kneeing their crotch."


I've enjoyed reading everybody's truths. They're always interesting no matter what's revealed because they help you get to know your fellow bloggers better.

Okay, I need to go start mine. :-P

Jennie said...

JMC--With some of those strips, it doesn't matter how many times I read them, they are always funny! I want the complete C&H book too. Too bad it's so pricey. :)

Mailyn--I'm going to try to get a copy of Rose at Midnight. LMAO. And I'll remember to knee the next person who tries to intimidate me. !! (But what do I do if it's a woman??!!)

DC--Mailyn cracks me up too. Yes, do your 5 truths--it is fun to hear about everyone.

Kristie (J) said...

Ah yes - Calvin and Hobbes. It truly was the day I almost stopped reading comics when they disappeared. Almost as bad as when The Far Side left the funny papers :(

Jennie said...

Kristie--I know! Whenever I pick up the funny pages, they're never very funny. :( Which is sad, seeing as how the rest of the newspaper is so depressing!

CindyS said...

My husband has all the Calvin and Hobbes books and I bought him the complete works for Christmas last year.

I'm so with you on the pressure crying. Especially if I'm wrong and the person doesn't accept that I am sincere in my apology. Actually, after about 3 apologies I begin to get horribly angry with the person. What? You want me to light myself on fire? What do you want!!!

Aww, screw it, mean people blow!

Walking, eh? I'm not sure I understand this phenomenon ;) I would swim every day of my life for exercise if it wasn't for the smell of chlorine (because I refuse to take off my suit when I shower - yep, modest) that will follow me though out the day and then there is the ickiness of public pools.
Even still, I love the water and prefer swimming to walking as exercise.


Jennie said...

What? You want me to light myself on fire? What do you want!!!
LMAO! Mean people do blow. I don't meet many of them and I don't get into confrontations often, so when I do have a problem with someone it's kind of shocking and awful, ya know?

I'm an awful swimmer. I even took a class and I'm still awful. I mean, I can float and doggy paddle, but beyond that I'm hopeless. But swimming is great exercise. :)

CindyS said...

I don't get into confrontations much either. I had a guy show up at our last reno house because we still had the saws going after 11:30pm. I felt horrible and apologized profusely but this guy just wanted to make me feel like shit. After he left I had a good cry but an hour later I was pissed. He didn't want an apology, he was just being a prick.

I used to be a horrible swimmer - I couldn't even swim a full length of a pool. I decided to go swimming with a friend and I think it took me three months to figure out the proper way to breath and it wasn't until three months after that that I could do the front crawl while kicking my legs (used to do the crawl with only the arms - kicking takes more energy and oxygen and there was no way I was ready for that!). So I was 28 before I taught myself the proper way to swim. Other than that, I've been goofing off in water since the day I was born. We just had too much fun.