Sunday, October 08, 2006

I didn't used to have a TBR...

Now look at it! Lots of good stuff here though.

I've been having trouble getting into a book this week. You'd think with this huge pile, I'd be able to find one that fit my mood. I was trying to read The Gladiator's Honor and it just wasn't happening. I hate that, because I really wanted to like that book. The writing just seemed so unremarkable, so blah. I might go back to it. I mean, it's a romance set in ancient Rome! It should be interesting, right?

I also just picked up a new pair of glasses. They're a slightly different prescription, so now everything looks really funny and my depth perception is off. People who wear glasses know what I'm talking about. Tricky. I know my eyes will adjust soon, but it feels so weird. I really like the frames I got--they're regular brown tortoiseshell on the outside, but inside they have this crazy leopard print. Hee hee!


Jessica said...

Oooh. I spy with my little eye... The Donovan Legacy! I love that one, as well as the fourth book not included in the big ol' version. I think it's called Enchanted. It's just a little tiny book; tends to get lost next to the big white-and-purple monstrosity. Oh well. Some of my Nora faves! :-)

Kristie (J) said...

I seem to noticing quite a few of us having troubles getting into books lately. Maybe it's the change in season or something.

And hey!!! I see one book in your TBR pile that I would recommend might take you out of your doldrums. That would be second pile from the left - fifth book down (bwaaa haaaa haaa - I can spot it a mile away) Also - your entire pile on the right is a very good pile!

Rosario said...

Why do I so love looking at pictures of people's books?

Hey, you've got Shining Through there! I absolutely LOVE that book!

Devonna said...

That's quite a pile! I just finished the Donovan Legacy. The first story wasn't my favorite, but they get better the further you get into them.

jmc said...

I remember having a TBR pile that small. *sigh* Now I have an entire shelf. Before I began blog-hopping and joining chat groups, I had many, many less books that I NEEDed to read :)

The Book Girl, A.K.A. Jodi said...

Kristie J is right - You MUST read Dreaming Of You! I just read it and stayed up until 4:00 a.m. because I couldn't put it down!

LOL - I used to not have a TBR pile either until I met all of you crazy girls! Now I carry a book with me every where I go. It's crazy - if I am pumping gas, I try to get in a paragraph or two before the tank is full! Can ya picture it?!

ames said...

I wish my tbr was as small as yours! LOL And I can't get into my book either.

Let's blame it on the change of seasons!!

Kristie (J) said...

Ah Jodi - it's just the beginning. Wait until shopping for purses depends on how many books it can carry, you're alone in an elevator and you almost hope it breaks down - reading time. You're so tired from staying up late reading you get deoderant and hairspray mixed up (yep - I did that)

julieree said...

hey maybe we can organize this by color...? because it's not alphabetical anyway, right? AND it's such a freaking eyesore right in the middle of our living room.

yes i think i will organize it by color while you are sleeping.

hee hee

Kristie (J) said...

Julieree: That's what my sister suggested too!! That I organize according to colour. I looked at her in horror as I just tried to imagine it. Bad sisters. Bad sisters.

nath said...

I don't understand why some ppl suggests to organize it by colors (no offense girls...) but really... if I did that, it'd be like: is this book blue or green? or blend of both :P

Kristie, you really, really have goo eyes... :D

Jennie: that pile on the right is really good :D I see the black jewels trilogy :D perhaps that one, it'd be a different pace :D

marmee said...

Add two more to the TBR-- and subtract them from your gimme gimme list -- the Susan Isaacs and Elisabeth Chadwick are on their way.
Love you --

Colleen Gleason said...

Oooh...I see lots of JD Robb books there. Love all of them. I'm actually re-reading the series so I can prolong it. (Haven't read all the books yet.)

What a great TBR. Mine's about that size too. And growing.

Jennie said...

Jessica & Devonna--The Donovan Legacy is my next Nora to read. I love her trilogies and I love witches, so I think I'm going to like it.

Kristie--I'm waiting for just the right mood to strike to read DoY. I feel like I need to mentally prepare for the manly goodness that is Derek Craven. ;p

Rosario--I found Shining Through at a UBS--it's one of the few Isaacs books I haven't read yet.

JMC--Yeah, it's bloghopping that's made my TBR grow. Which is great, because I've found lots of new authors. BUT it's not helped my book-buying problem any. :)

Jodi--Hi! I know, we should have a motto like the Navy (or whichever branch of the military it is):

Ames--it can't compare with your 235 book TBR. I'm still amazed by that. You are the TBR goddess. All bow to Ames.

Julie--You know those craft supplies that you've so neatly arranged over there? Yeah, I think I can do some damage there. BWAHAHAHA!

Nath--I know, sorting by color? That's the silliest way to do things!

Marmee!! Thanks! "For she's a jolly good Mommy, for she's a jolly good mommy..."

Colleen--I went a little crazy with the In Death books. But I've really liked them!