Monday, October 02, 2006

Title: The Bridal Season
Author: Connie Brockway
Published: 2001, Dell
Category: Historical Romance
Rating: 8/10

Okay, I think I'm jumping the gun here a little bit, but Connie Brockway might be a new favorite author for me. Yippee! This is only the second book I've read by her, so I'm not going to say for certain, because two books really aren't enough to make that kind of important decision. But if I keep liking them as much as I have, I think she'll make the list. [How many "favorite" authors am I allowed? Does the term become meaningless if you have 20 favorite authors?]

Letty Potts is in a bit of a jam. She's a musical comedy actress, who does a little small-time confidence tricking on the side. She's can't get any work in London and is running from Nick Sparkle, her sometime associate who has been trying to get her involved in more serious illegal activity. So when Lady Agatha Whyte, who owns a wedding planning company and is on her way to the country to arrange someone's wedding, drops her train ticket at Letty's feet and decides to elope to Paris, Letty takes the ticket and blesses her good luck in having an easy way out of the city.

But when she arrives in Little Bidewell, she is mistaken for Lady Agatha herself. She decides to play along for a couple days. But things escalate and soon she's planning a wedding and getting to know the bride and her family. She has everyone fooled, except for maybe Sir Elliot March, the local magistrate.

I really enjoyed this book. I might have liked it even better than Bridal Favors. The story is so light and sweet and funny. Something about Brockway's humor just works for me. I liked the Victorian setting, and I liked that Letty, as someone who is slightly outside of "polite society," is a little more free of boring restrictions than your average historical heroine.

I've got two more of her books in the TBR: The Passionate One, the first of her McClairen's Isle trilogy, and her new contemporary, Hot Dish. Maybe after those two I can decide for certain whether she's going on the favorite authors list.


Kristie (J) said...

The thing that awes me about Connie Brockway is she is equally good at writing light, funny books such as this one as she is at writing very dark books like the McClairen Trilogy (which weren't my favourites) or All Through the Night (whis was). It takes a rare talent to do that I think.
And I'd love to hear what you have to say about Hot Dish. I didn't even realize it was out yet! Is it paperback or hardcover?

CindyS said...

You know Brockway can be hit or miss for me. I liked her earlier works more but I haven't read the Isle books yet. I have read Bridal Favors but wasn't keeled over with warm fuzzies.

This book however, sounds more fun.


Rosario said...

Anyone who thinks a total and complete gentleman can't be sexy should read this book. I just finished rereading it, and I'm in love with Elliot.

Mailyn said...

This sounds like a good read. I should try this author since a lot of people do seem to like her.

julieree said...

Dude! i wish my name were Nick Sparkle.

Estelle said...

Oh, do read Brockway's As You Desire! The Bridal duet is very funny but AYD s even better. Truly, it's considered her best work to date by many readers--including me. Setting is Egypt in the 1890s.

I hope you'll enjoy yourself while glomming Connie Brockway. She's a very talented author

Jennie said...

Kristie--That does take talent. So many romance authors' books are all the same. Or at least very similar. I need to try one of her "dark" books--will put All through the Night on my list.

I actually don't think Hot Dish is on sale yet. Sorry. I got a free copy from work. It's a paperback--I'll definitely post about it.

Cindy--This one is really fun. The hero is a bit sexier than the one in Bridal Favors.

Rosario--Me too! *sigh* I loved the way he was very gentlemanly holding back, but struggling with it because he liked her so much.






And I loved the way he and Letty agreed to wait to be together until he'd made it into the House of Lords. I hate books where the guy has to give up his professional career to prove his love for the heroine. Ugh! Let's have a little integrity here! Elliot's got integrity. :)


Mailyn--You should check out Brockway. But remember that at least for the Bridal books, there aren't any of those dark, brooding heroes you love. Only nice guys. ;)

Julie--So you're saying that you want to be a low-class con artist? Should I call you Julie Sparkle? No, doesn't have quite the same ring. How about Lolly Sparkle? Trixie Sparkle?

Estelle--I'll put As You Desire on my list. I have heard good things about it and I love books set in Egypt!

Marg said...

I haven't read any Brockway at all yet. I have had her on my list for of these days I will get to her!

Mailyn said...

Damn it! Why can there be an asshole or two?! They are so much fun! LOL.

Oh I do like a couple of nice guys. OK, I can't remember their names but one was in a Kleypas book as a secondary character and the other was Jacques in Elizabeth Doyle's Beyond Paradise. He had a tough childhood but he was still hella nice! :-)

Jazz said...

I picked up a Brockway at a UBS and loved it so I went and got the rest of the trilogy. Loved them all, I think I reviewed them on Sancuary's Finest, but can't remember. It may have been before I joined. But the trilogy is called The Rose Hunters. They go in this order

1) My Seduction
2) My Pleasure
3) My Surrender

They aren't so light or fluffy. They are about three sisters. Their father died in order to free three men from a dungon and soon death. The men vow to protect the girls no matter what. MUST READS!!!

I've been wondering if I can say she's a favorite after only three books. I'm gonna wait a bit first. lol.

Jennie said...

Marg-definitely check her out!

Mailyn--you crack me up! LOL! You need to learn to appreciate good guys. ;p I've been meaning to read Beyond Paradise, and now I want to even more since I know the hero's a nice one.

Jazz--Excellent! I have a feeling I'll be working my way through her backlist. ;)