Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Title: The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood
Author: Susan Wittig Albert
Published: 2005, Berkley
Category: Cozy Mystery
Rating: 7/10

Y'all are going to laugh at me when I tell you that I read and liked this book. See all those teacups? Yeah, this is about the coziest cozy mystery I've ever encountered. I don't read cozy mysteries very often, seeing as they usually bore me to tears. But my usual type of book was not at all appealing to me this week, so I thought something totally different might be good. And I'm always on the lookout of grandma-appropriate books. (My grandma turns 91 in a couple weeks, but she's sharp as a tack and is always asking for new books. Problem is, she would be COMPLETELY appalled by 99% of what I read.)

This is the third book in Albert's series, The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter. The author has taken the basic facts of Beatrix Potter's life (you know, the author/illustrator of the Peter Rabbit books) and made her into a character. Set in 1907, the book is all about Beatrix's little farm in the country, and her little friends, and her little farm animals, and her little village. And it's just so ADORABLE!!! The cats and dogs talk to each other, and the attic mice dress in little clothes, and Beatrix goes fairy hunting with the local children.

Okay, maybe it would make some people (maybe a lot of people) completely gak, but I was charmed by it.

I think what I liked most were all the descriptions of setting. They were just lovely. I would look up an example for you, but I'm too lazy. Suffice it to say, I wanted to move to this little village and get me some sheep to raise. She really does capture a lot of the charming whimsy of Beatrix Potter's books. And everyone has to love Peter Rabbit.


Anonymous said...

I think I'll add her to my TBR list. I'm always up for a book where the animals talk to each other.

julieree said...

i will call you bo-peep and you shall be my bo-peep.

you should find a good quote and we can put it on our cottage board. (you, know, when we finally get around to making one)

Jessica said...

This must be a very, very, very cozy read for an afternoon deluge.

PS--Have you checked out Rosina Lippi/Sara Donati's contest for today? The prize is an ARC of Queen of Swords!

Jennie said...

Dora--you might like it. Lots of cute cats. :)

Julie--Good idea! We need to make our cottage board.

Jessica--I already ordered my Queen of Swords from Amazon. It's on sale pretty soon--10/31, right? Yay!