Thursday, May 24, 2007


I was under the impression that the Crusie/Stuart/Dreyer collaboration The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes was being released in HC. (I guess because all Crusie is.) But no! Mass market! $7.99. That makes me very happy. Also, I noticed on the book website that this new cover is posted. Different from the one at Amazon and waaaay prettier. It is seriously gorgeous. Does anyone know which cover is actually being used?


Jenny said...

This one. The one on Amazon was the second-to-last version (we had many versions), this is the one that will be in stores.

And thanks for showing everybody the cover, too!

nath said...

Hey Jennie! You're so write, this one is so much prettier :D perhaps it's a theme though... cos it reminds me a bit of the anthology cover in which Nalini Singh's story is going to be featured :P (sorry, can't remember the title)

Jane said...

Ohhh. I like this. I like it alot. Dreyer had posted once about having a tat on the ankle cover and I thought - eh. So this iteration is lovely.

Jennie said...

I'm so glad they're using this cover, because I just love it! Very whimsical, which I'm guessing matches the tone of the book. The old one (the one with the house and big moon) looked too much like the TV show Charmed.