Monday, May 21, 2007

Being proved wrong makes me jump for joy.

I think we all have "rules" about what we do or don't like to see in a book. No children/secret babies/virgin widows/ridiculous misunderstandings/whatever. I may have more rules than most people and I can be very stubborn (ask anyone who knows me). In general, I think we're right to dismiss a book others love because it has elements we think won't work for us. But every once in a while you'll come across a book that is the exception. And you see that in the hands of the right author you can love what you profess to hate.

Here are some of my rules that have been broken lately. (And yes, massive generalizations here. Don't judge. I'm growing.)

Alphas are assholes. Tonight I finished Heyer's Devil's Cub and the hero was really Alpha--domineering, aggressive, with a wretched temper and very little kindness. By all experience, I should have hated him. Oh, no, no, no! I LOVE Vidal!! (Gushing review to come soon.)

Science fiction is weird and boring. Bujold's Vorkosigan series and Linnea Sinclair's books have spaceships, laser guns, alien life forms ... and completely awesome characters, and totally relatable storylines.

Vampires are super gross and should not be heroes. Colin in Meljean Brook's Demon Moon--he drinks blood (ewww!), and he gets off doing it (double ewww!). He's also smart, really funny, and god-damn sexy. I lurve him (though I still don't think I'd let him bite me).

Ghost stories are creepy and not in a good way. I don't usually like the brooding, gothic, chillingly shivery kind of book. And ghost stories scare me more than I'd care to admit. The Shadowy Horses by Susanna Kearsley is my exception here. And I don't even love this book despite the ghost story---it's actually one of my favorite things about it. It's a pretty tame ghost story, but still.

I'm becoming more open-minded all the time. :)


ames said...

This sounds like another meme. LOL

I'm currently reading Demon Moon, so if Colin made you like vampires, I'm glad. I'm not that far into it, so I'm looking forward to seeing more Colin.

Can't wait for the gushing review of Devil's Club. Hero sounds delish already. :P

Rosario said...

It's all in the author. A good author can take any plot or type of character and make it work. I've got my own rules (which include things like rapist "heroes", adultery and secret babies), but they won't keep me from trying a book with that very plot by an author who's proven herself to me. I've been proved wrong way too many times for that :-)

Dance Chica said...

Everyone talks about Georgette Heyer’s books but I’ve never read her. I’d like to: any book you’d recommend I start with?

As for becoming more open-minded, that’s definitely a good thing. Of course, there will always be things we will or won’t like, but a willingness to try new things means we might find gems we wouldn’t have found before. I agree that it’s also in the author. The right author can make you enjoy things you normally would not have, too—or thought you wouldn't have.

I’m excited to read about Colin, after reading his answers to Meljean’s contest (on her blog). He seems like an interesting character and for him to make you like vampires—well, he’s definitely worth checking out! ;-)

Mailyn said...

DC start with Devil's Cub, it's one of my faves!

I'm so glad you liked DC jennie! Heyer is so damn funny. Love her!

I love vampire stories. Whether good or evil or yucky. I just think they are cool. Although I do hate that most people can't write a good vampire story. Most of the vamp books suck. No pun intended. LOL.

Love gothic stories.

Great meme!

Jennie said...

Ames--Not another meme, I just really like to write lists. :) My gushing review will be up in a few days--they're so much harder to write, you know? I feel like my writing just never does a great book justice. :)

Rosario--It really is true that an author I like will get me to read almost anything. I am learning not to be put off by silly things.

Dance Chica--OOOH! You should read Heyer! Let's see, this one would be a good one to start with, though it's out of print so it might not be the easiest to find. I'd say her other two most popular ones are Venetia and The Grand Sophy. My other favorite is The Nonesuch.

Mailyn--I think you gushing over Devil's Cub is one of the reasons I got it. So thanks! :) I did adore it.