Friday, May 11, 2007

Meme - 8 things about me, me, me!

Haven’t I done this meme before? Oh well, Kristie says I must, so I will. ;)

8 random/odd things about me:

1. I like to have a fresh pillowcase every night. A friend once told me this was the secret to gorgeous skin. Sadly, this appears not to be the case for me, but I still hope.

2. I like saving money. I have a little nest egg (it’s a very little egg; I’m sure it would seem ludicrously small to most people), and when I look at my bank statement I get a thrill from the interest payments. This is one of the things about me that drives Twin up the wall (she’s just jealous). I’m not cheap—if you went out to dinner with me I’d never stick you with the bill or anything, and I always totally over-tip—but I am thrifty.

3. I don’t like to drink milk out of plastic cups. Glass only, please. I don't know why.

4. I get excited when someone spells the word “trouper” correctly.

5. I currently owe the Brooklyn Public Library $19.75. F***!! Because of #2, this bothers me a lot. I just haven’t gotten to the library recently and forgot I had a bunch of books out. ARRRGGGHHH!

6. In an effort to be earth-friendly, Twin and I have stopped buying paper towels. We have pretty fabric napkins and lots of dish towels.

7. When I was walking home through the park tonight, I had an intense desire to be eight years old again.

8. I love thunderstorms and very small hurricanes. And getting caught in rain showers on summer days.

I'm tagging everyone who hasn't done this yet. You know who you are.


Marmee said...

(5) is genetic. Your grandpa used to make me take the books up to the desk and pay the fine -- and I've gotten to the point where I just buy books because I know I'll have fines to pay anyway, but I still have to give the book back.
(2) is genetic too, but from your Dad, not (sadly) moi.

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - I can so relate to number 2. While not cheap either - at least I don't think so - it is a thrill to see that money in a bank account isn't it?

Tap said...

Re #5: Have you heard of Library Elf? Great little free service that e-mails you when books are coming close to due, are due or overdue, or holds come in... although their recently added suggested book feature is a bit spooky.

Jess said...

I cannot wait to hear what you thought of No Humans Involved... It makes me want the eighth book RIGHT NOW!

CindyS said...

When my laundry is moved to upstairs (we're in a two story and the laundry is on the main floor but it's a huge pain to lug everything to and fro) I will probably go back to washing my bedding every three days. I love the smell of fresh linens. Can't be beat!

I'm number 2 also but I can also get into moods where I need to just go shopping and not worry. I don't go hog wild but I let myself enjoy it.

Hey, when I drank milk I was the same way though I never really thought about it.

Okay, just learned the proper way to use 'trouper' (I know I'll forget)

I won't borrow from the library because I'm sure they have a wanted poster up for me. Also, Blockbuster does too charge late fees because I can't seem to get my movies back in 7 days (used to be able to do it in 2 days but now it's just too much work?).


ames said...

Good list Jennie.

I feel bad when I owe the library a dollar. LOL

I carpool, that's my effort. But I like the concept of this no paper towel thing.