Sunday, September 17, 2006

Title: Immortal in Death
Author: J.D. Robb
Published: 1996, Berkley
Category: Romantic Suspense
Rating: 7/10

This is the third In Death book. I'm stealing Samantha's mini-review format for this one. Because, though I am enjoying these books, they are all basically the same.

What's going on: Eve's friend Mavis is suspected in the murder of a model who was trying to market a drug called Immortality, a highly addictive stimulant/beauty-enhancer which also turns out to be a slow-acting poison. Meanwhile, Eve and Roarke's wedding is fast approaching. And Eve finally remembers what happened to her father.

What's Yay: Good plot on this one. Better than #2, imo. Spoiler: It's the one with the dirty cop. I knew he was the bad guy when Peabody says that he told her she had a "jelly belly." Yeah, he's a baddie. We get to see lots more of Peabody, who is great. And Roarke is so understanding about Eve's tragic past.

What's Blah: Yeah, I can't think of anything.

Final thoughts: I love the TV show Bones. Anyone else watch it? It occurred to me while reading this book that I could picture the woman who plays Temperance Brennan as Eve. Very similar characters.


Mailyn said...

Oh I love Bones! I was one of the ones that waited the premier with bated breath. LOL. Yeah I love shows like that. Sadly I don't watch TV anymore and I do miss the few shows I loved to death, this being one of them.

Dylan said...

I like Bones too, but I don't watch it with the same craziness as I do GA and PB...hehe.

I remember this series, I didn't finish it.

It wasn't blah for me, I just didn't like it enough to get the rest of the 20 books in it. LOL.

Colleen Gleason said...

I really enjoy the Robb books. The mysteries are different throughout the series (sometimes we "meet" the killer and it's a whodunnit; other times we only get to know him/her through his/her point of view and it's not someone Eve knows, etc.)

But the real reason I love these books is the big character arcs that are taking place over the whole series with Roarke and his background, Eve and hers, Peabody, Mavis, and all the others. That's what makes the series still work for me.

Although I must say that I stopped counting the number of times Eve and Roarke have shower sex at about book eight.

Jennie said...

Mailyn-Why don't you watch TV anymore?? That's un-American. LOL.

Dylan--Okay, I know GA is Grey's Anatomy (which I LOVE too) but what's PB? Anyone? I'm TV-dumb.

Colleen--Yes, the character development definitely makes these books. The mysteries are interesting, but they're not what keep you hooked. I'm still skeptical that such a long series could stay fresh, but we shall see. So many people have told me they stay good, that I have to believe them.

Mailyn said...

LOL!!! I've never been one to watch TV. Always loved reading and designing much better. I do have a few shows I like, namely Law & Order:SVY, House, Numb3rs and Bones, but I can't keep up with them plus all the books I read plus all the foreign films and anime I watch.

Thus the TV shows are forgotten since they are on only once a week. It's much easier to devote that time to watching an anime series or reading a few books. I am not good at waiting a week to find out what else will happen. LOL.