Thursday, August 31, 2006

Title: Simply Unforgettable
Author: Mary Balogh
Published: 2005, Bantam
Historical Romance
Rating: 6/10

After my uncomfortable brush with harsh reality in my last read, I needed a happy, happy book like a heroin addict needs her next hit. *groan* So who do I turn to? Mary Balogh! Cuz I like her books and they're always just nice.

I went through a major Balogh phase about a year ago. Read all the Bedwyns and a few others. But I didn't think I'd read this one. Turns out I was wrong. I'm reading along the first chapter. And hmmm, this seems familiar, maybe I read a teaser in another book. By chapter 3, I realize that I have definitely read this before. I guess Simply Unforgettable was, well, not. :) But I reread it anyway, because it's really sweet.

This is the first in Balogh's new series--four books, each about one of four schoolteachers who live in Bath. Frances Allard and Lucius Marshall are stranded together in a deserted inn during a snowstorm. They get lovin' but think that it's just a fling. They go their separate ways, but the encounter stays with them both and they know they're kidding themselves. They meet up again, first in Bath and then in London. Lucius, who has promised his grandfather that he will take a bride this season, realizes that he might just like to marry Frances. But she's got some skeletons in her closet. But nothing too bad. Of course. Because this is BALOGH! Those pesky little problems will be solved.

Balogh's writing always works for me. It's smooth and goes down easy. Though the plot and characters in this one aren't particularly interesting, I still enjoyed it. It was just what I needed.

The second in this series is already out--Simply Love.

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