Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'll take (E) None of the above

The nominees for this year's Quill Book Awards were announced today. They're consumer choice awards where people vote for their favorites online. Then they have a big star-studded NBC special to announce the winners. But the romance nominees? Not very good, imo. I've actually only read one of them--the MaryJanice Davidson and I'm not voting for that. But I did vote in a couple other categories.

Completely unrelated and just because I feel like telling you, these are the books that I got this weekend at the Strand (18 miles of used books!):
Last Camel Died at Noon - Elizabeth Peters
To Have and to Hold - Patricia Gaffney
Good Grief - Lolly Winston
Spring Collection - Judith Krantz
Shining Through - Susan Isaacs


Dance Chica said...

I really enjoyed To Have and to Hold though I will warn you it's got some dark moments!

Samantha said...

Love Good Grief! But it's so depressing in the beginning

Kristie (J) said...

I checked out the nominees and you're right - what a horribly poor representation of romance authors. Nora Roberts I can certainly see - I mean she is one of the all time best,even though I mostly read only JD Robb nowadays, but still - she is excellent. But the others?????? Even I hadn't heard of them except MJD. Wonder how they pick them? They obviously didn't ask me :)
And Tho Have and to Hold is a great book!

ames said...

I've always wanted to read To Have and to Hold, but it seems too depressing. Especially after reading Bam's review of it.

Mailyn said...

I voted in the YA, Graphic Novel, Audio Books, Book of the Year, and Romance.

I HAD to vote for Eldest and Marley and Me. It was about a dog!!! lol

CindyS said...

Okay, I have to live to see the Strand - that just blows my mind!

Romance nominees - wow. I think Roberts will sweep ;)

I have To Have and To Hold in the TBR pile and look forward to one day finding it in this house again ;)


Jennie said...

DanceChica & Ames--I have heard that To Have and To Hold has some dark, depressing moments. I'm going to hold onto it until I need a book like that. One day when I'm in a funk and want to wallow in it. :)

Samantha--I think you're the reason I got Good Grief. Because normally I'd be scared off by a grieving widow, but you'd said it was good.

Kristie-I almost voted for Nora, but I didn't actually read Blue Smoke and I've heard that it's not really her best. I don't know how they came up with those nominations. They should have asked us.

Mailyn-I voted for Eldest too!

Cindy--If you're ever in NYC you have to see the Strand. It's pretty incredible. Only bummer is that they don't really keep many mass market books. But lots of hardcover fiction and tons of nonfiction.