Thursday, November 30, 2006

To: Santa c/o Marmee

Dear Santa,
You asked for a little list of things I might want to see on Christmas morning. Last year you brought me such a nice little (okay not so little) stack of books, I thought we should do it again. :) And I hear that your elves are pretty good at scouring online used book sellers for deals. So here are a few options for you.

***Most of these books are out of print and I think a couple may be hard to find. If your elves cannot find them at reasonable prices you are NOT to buy them. Really, I mean it. Other good little girls and boys need presents too (but not Twin, she deserves coal).***

Bliss, Judy Cuevas
Windflower, Laura London
Mariana, Susanna Kearsley
A Rose at Midnight, Anne Stuart
To Love a Dark Lord, Anne Stuart
The Devil's Cub, Georgette Heyer
A book or two by Carla Kelly--Reforming Lord Ragsdale if possible, but really anything by her would do except for Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand or Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career, both of which I already have.
As You Desire, Connie Brockway
All through the Night, Connie Brockway

Is 27 too old for Santa? Don't worry, I still believe.



jmc said...

Just in case Santa/Marmee doesn't know: at least one other Kelly reissue has been done by Signet -- Libby's London Merchant and another book but the title escapes me. Usually not expensive at online bookseller sites. And One Good Turn and The Wedding Journey, two relatively recent trads, are also usually plentiful and not expensive.

julieree said...

dude. good thing santa knows who the golden child actually is.

Jennie said...

Thanks, JMC! Santa likes to have some direction, you know, and he's rather uninformed about romance novels. :)

Julie--Santa knows who's naughty and who's nice. You can't fool him.

jay said...

are you part of our little book group? I think Kristie has (or had) like 4 copies of Bliss laying around.... Though, there's a good chance I'm wrong about that.

The Red Suit said...

Uninformed but highly directable, half pint!

Never underestimate the Santa's ability to shop.

But what exactly constitutes "too expensive" for such a dear person as the author of this blog? Hmmm. Hard for a Santa to judge......

Guess you'll just have to consume those chocolates (see Twin's blog) and see when you're done!