Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm never pre-ordering anything from Amazon ever again.

Because I'm too damn impatient. I had trouble the last time I pre-ordered a book from them too--I had it shipped to my apartment, but no one was home to sign for it, so I had to wait longer. This time I thought I was being clever by having it shipped to my office, thinking those lovely mailroom men would sign for it and sweep it up the elevator to my desk. But I'm a moron and forgot to put my company's name in the address. So when I tracked the package on Friday, it said "Returned to sender because of incomplete address." My head almost exploded. I was stomping my little foot just like Tinkerbell there. It's not that big a building. They couldn't look up my name? Bah!

And it's Sara Donati's Queen of Swords. The latest in the Bonner family saga. I LOVE THESE BOOKS! And it went on sale on Tuesday! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO HANNAH! I had mistakenly believed that when you preorder a book on Amazon, they ship it before or at least on the day it goes on sale. Um, no. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO JENNET! So I'm never pre-ordering a book I'm really anxious for ever again. If I lived in some podunk town in the middle of nowhere, it would be different. But I live in the biggest city in America where there's like 50 bookstores within a 5 mile radius. (I completely made that number up, but there are a lot.) It's not often that I NEED a book on the actual release date, so I'll just pay full price in the bookstore from now on.

Which is what I did yesterday. I was so fed up, I just took myself down to B&N and bought a copy of Queen of Swords. And, yes, it cost $27 (ouch!), but it's really long--over 500 pages, so I can deal. And hopefully Amazon will let me cancel my order.

And while I was there I had to buy Santa Baby, the Christmas anthology with a Crusie novella in it. It's JMC's fault, she reminded me about it.

But I am making a vow. A public vow and if I break it you can all yell at me.

I solemnly swear I will buy no more books until 2007.

It's going to be tough. When I told Twin she did a snort-laugh. She obviously doesn't think I can do it. BUT I THINK I CAN. I THINK I CAN. I THINK I CAN. I have so many good books already that I need to read. So, inspired by Dance Chica, I am making a list of books I'd like to finish before the year is up. There are 8 weeks left, and I think I average about 2-3 books a week, so I'm listing 25 books. That will probably be too many what with holidays and so on.

1. Venetia, Georgette Heyer
2. Queen of Swords, Sara Donati
3. Home to Big Stone Gap, Adriana Trigiani
4. Motor Mouth, Janet Evanovich
5. Nature Girl, Carl Hiaasen
6. Beyond Paradise, Elizabeth Doyle
7. Cold as Ice, Anne Stuart
8. Santa Baby, Jennifer Crusie et al.
9. Trust Me, Jayne Anne Krentz
10. Shining Through, Susan Isaacs
11. My Lady Notorious, Jo Beverley
12. After the Night, Linda Howard
13. Twilight, Stephanie Meyer
14. Kushiel's Dart, Jacqueline Carey
15. Season of Storms, Susanna Kearsley
16. The Smoke Theif, Shana Abe
17. Ceremony in Death, J.D. Robb
18. Dreaming of You, Lisa Kleypas
19. Thunder and Roses, Mary Jo Putney
20. Jackdaws, Ken Follett
21. Morning Glory, LaVyrle Spencer
22-24. Donovan Legacy trilogy, Nora Roberts
25. A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens (because I read this every Christmas)

See, I am excited about reading everything on that list, so there's no need to buy any more books. Plus my parents always get me a bunch of books for Xmas, so anything I want I'll put on my Xmas list. :)


nath said...

I have to snort too Jennie... sorry, it's not that I don't believe in you, but hey, let's be serious... no buying books for two months? what are you going to do, have a huge list on January 1st :P Although, the more you think about it, maybe you can do it :D since it's x-mas, you might receive some books and I know you have good libraries... ah well, I wish you good luck :D

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that! Just about every book lover I know says this at one point or another!! Personally I am on a book buying moratorium. It's going well...I've acquired five books in the last two weeks!! LOL!!!

I too am waiting impatiently for Queen of Swords and Santa Baby. I have them both on request at the library and will be the first person to read both of them!! Yay!!!

CindyS said...

I should follow your lead on not buying any more books but the romance section at my bookstore just got overhauled and I'm hoping Kristie will come for a visit and we can sit and marvel at the new wall of romance. *oohhhh, ahhhhh* I figure getting out without a book is slim to none but I don't smoke or drink so I'm okay with the money I spend on books ;)

As for pre-ordering - I'm right there with you!! I pre-ordered Anne Stuart and Kresley Cole's latest and found the books in the bookstores a good week before they shipped from the on-line store. I tried to cancel them but they said it was too late so of course, I'm thinking they'll ship the next day. Five days later I got the notice that they shipped.

Top this off by taking these books back to the store for a refund only to discover that the store doesn't issue the refund, they send the books back for you and *then* the online store will credit your account. HUH!!??

I'm telling you it was a huge hassle tonight when I did this. Hubby was shocked at how long it took for the clerk to process these two returns. Pathetic!!


Sara Donati (Rosina Lippi) said...

If I may: thank you. It's impatient and enthusiastic readers like you who keep us scribbling women going.

Jennie said...

Nath--I will have a list by January. But then I'll let myself go on a little shopping spree!

Marg--I'm thinking I'll just not let myself go into any bookstores. That way I won't be tempted! I've learned the trick of requesting new books from my library right before they go on sale, so that I'm the first to read them! Especially with hardcovers I don't want to buy. :p

Cindy--You're lucky your bookstore has a lot of romance. The one nearest me keeps remodeling, but the romance section keeps getting smaller and smaller. What's wrong with the readers around here?! ;)

SARA DONATI WAS ON MY BLOG!! Squee! Sara, yes, you must keep scribbling!

Dance Chica said...

LOL. That Tinkerbell pic made me crack up! Too cute!

Sorry to hear your trouble with the pre-order. Usually I don’t have any problems with Amazon. Most of the time when I pre-order something, it arrives on or a little bit before the release date.

Not buying for the rest of the year? See, I WISH I could make a pledge like that but I know I'd blow it. LOL.

Ooooh! Read Twilight, read Twilight! Then read Beyond Paradise ‘cause that was really good too.

Well, good luck with your list and your new resolve! Hehe. ;-)

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness. Sara Donati/RL posted on your blog. That is awesome! (I don't think Rosina gets as excited when I post a comment on her blog, but she's world-famous and all.)

I am loving QOS so far. Let me know when you're far in enough to talk about it!

Kristie (J) said...

Good luck to you! Just make a list of all the books you really want in the meantime and they will make some great presents. It's something I really need to do to but don't have the willpower for. And looking at the list of books you do have to read, some are real gems and should keep you happy :) The ones I've read & think are most excellent
6, 9, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21,

Jennie said...

Dance Chica--I'm not sure why I have such bad luck with Amazon. I think it's the uncertainty of it that I don't like. You don't know when it's going to arrive, or if you'll be able to sign for the package. It's bad on my poor nerves. ;p
I'm looking forward to Beyond Paradise, which I think I first heard about on your blog.

Jessica--I'm only about 100 pages in, but so far, I like! I just met Ben. Hmmm. :0

Jennie said...

Kristie--Really? You liked #18? LOL.

I know I've got some good ones there, which is the only reason I think I can make it 2 months without buying anything. Plus Christmas morning should be great! :)

ames said...

I love the fact Kushiel's Dart is on your list.

I didn't make a promise to myself not to buy books for a certain amount of time, but I have cut down severely on buying. LOL Except today-I indulged and bought four books. But hey, my number isn't that much worse than it was before. :P

Good luck Jennie!!

Jennie said...

Ames--I can't cut down on buying. I have to quit cold-turkey. LOL.

247. 247. 247! Hee hee.

Mailyn said...

LMAO! I hope you secceed little grasshoper. I am trying my hardest to also finish my TBR so I am right there with you!

Best books on your list:
Georgette Heyer's Venetian
Meyer's Twilight
Doyle's Beyond Paradise <-- Loooove this!
Kleypas's Dreaming of You

I hear The Smoke Thief bites the big one.

Oh and I pre order from Amazon, both USA, Canada, France and UK, and they always deliver before the item is out. Maybe you should give it another try with something less urgent? I've never had a problem with them and I do 99% of my shopping for books and DVD online. ^_^

Mailyn said...

succeed...ugh! I blame it all on Blogger :-P

Marmee said...

Of course, you have to give the list to the marmee so she can order the books for Christmas.... and I did see a couple of books made the gimme-gimme list -- are they for a pre-Yule appetizer?
And the Tinkerbelle is so you. LOL.
And everyone: don't forget to vote (sorry, you knew how I'd be on election day -- such a cliffhanger back here in Virginia. Hard to type with all my fingers crossed.)

Jennie said...

Mailyn--I just finished Venetia on Sunday, and I loved it! One of my favorite Heyers yet. And I'm trying to talk myself into Twilight because you and DC and others liked it so. But the vampire+YA thing is still bothersome to me. Ah, well, we will see. :)

Marmee--Don't you worry. The list is well on its way. ;) And thanks for the reminder on election day--I somehow had it in my head that it was next Tuesday. Duh!
Sorry I can't vote in VA to help rid you of the Macaca man. ;0

Anonymous said...

Wow...Sara Donati posted on your blog!! I'd be squeeeing too!!