Saturday, May 20, 2006

Title: Sex, Lies, and Online Dating
Author: Rachel Gibson
Published: 2006, Avon
Category: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3/10

This is the first Rachel Gibson I've ever read. And I have to say, bleurgh. I read a really funny excerpt from one of Gibson's books on someone's blog somewhere, can't remember now where. And I thought, ooh, she might be funny. Not so much.

Lucy Rothschild is a mystery writer. She starts online dating as a form of research for her next book. On one of her dates she meets Quinn, who she thinks is a plumber but is actually a cop investigating a serial killer who seems to be choosing her victims through online dating. And Lucy fits the profile. So even though he actually thinks she might be a psycho murderer, he falls in love with her anyway, because, ummm, she's so hot! Ehhhh.

The plot really doesn't hold up and the characters try to be interesting but don't quite make it. Lucy's the jaded beauty who thinks men are all rats and Quinn is the tough cop who's all about the job. They're characters, no wait, they're cardboard cutouts!

I feel mean now. So maybe I should give up on Rachel Gibson. Or maybe I just picked a bad one?


Anonymous said...

You might have picked a bad one. I liked it well enough but it wasn't great. And I know others didn't like it all that much either. I enjoyed Lola Carlyle Reveals All, though, I had to work my way through some issues I had with it in the beginning. I've heard great things about See Jane Score but since I don't like hockey, it's not very high on my tbr.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the fence about Gibson. When she was first published, she was an autobuy for me. An early book, Truly, Madly Yours, has a hero of the type that I despise [slut b/c he has daddy issues], but somehow it is a keeper for me. But the past few books have been hit or miss for me, and I've been using the library rather than buying. I bought Sex, Lies, etc. and was sorry -- swapped it almost immediately. I'm not sure if it a change in my reading tastes, or if it is something in her style or voice. Maybe I should do a side by side read and comparison to figure it out.

If you want to try a book that was well received and reviewed, you could check out See Jane Score or Lola Carlyle Reveals All.