Thursday, May 25, 2006


According to Mugglenet, the publisher of Bloomsbury says that the 7th Harry Potter book will probably be published in 2007! YAAAAAAAYYYYY! YAAAAAAYYYY!

I was worried that Rowling would make us wait forever. Can't wait, can't wait! We can finally see if Snape is actually evil or not. I think he is.


Samantha said...

lol I heard that too.
In fact i think that they have a gimmick going for the pub. date, because i heard it'll be published on 07-07-07.
Ain't they cute? :P

Dora said...

It's so funny that we were talking about HP7 this afternoon. So, are you and Twin good for a quiet day of HP7 reading on 7/7/07? I can bring cookies... or a blueberry cake :o)

julieree said...

Count me in!

And Jennie, Snape is TOTALLY GOOD. You are a bear of very little faith.

Jennie said...

They should have published it this year for 06/06/06. Really give those religious fanatics something to talk about. ;)

Julie and Dora,
You're on! We'll surround ourselves with pastries and chocolate. Go into sugar shock while we find out how BAD Snape really is. Hahaha.

Dora said...

How about my suspicion that a certain someone isn't really dead??

Jennie said...

Oh, Dora. I wish. But I'm afraid you'll be disappointed on that one.