Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! And tell me what to read!

Hi everyone! So my semester is almost done and soon I will have four weeks off--and much of that time will be spent reading fun, light, delicious fiction! YAYY! No more textbooks or scholarly articles for me. My problem now is what to read first?!! Here's a list of books I'm hoping to get through--
Fortune and Fate, Sharon Shinn
Demon Bound, Meljean Brook
Living with the Dead, Kelley Armstrong
When the Duke Returns, Eloisa James

Anyone have opinions on these? Any other suggestions?

I'll hopefully blog a lot more over break. But for now I want to wish all my American friends Happy Thanksgiving!

And I was wandering the AAR boards today for the first time in months and found out that Carla Kelly's next book is out on 1/1/09! WOOT! Can't wait! (I have to say that I like her original title of Worthy better -- Marrying the Captain is just so Harlequin-ish. But who cares--the inside will be wonderful Kelly, not boring Harlequin editor.)