Sunday, February 13, 2011

What the Librarian Did, Karina Bliss

Title: What the Librarian Did
Author: Karina Bliss
Published: Harlequin, 2010
Category: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 8/10

I hardly ever read Harlequins -- it's really not because I'm a snob! I have tried several in the past and been disappointed by them. But this one got such a lot of good buzz in the blogosphere I had to give it a shot. Plus it's about a librarian! Score.

Rachel is a librarian working in a university in Auckland, New Zealand. When Devin Freedman comes in for help she treats him like any other student -- she doesn't know that he's a world-famous musician whose wild lifestyle and alcoholism has ruined his music career. He's now getting a business degree and trying to find a new life for himself. Devin finds Rachel's reaction to him refreshing, and they strike up a little flirtation. Rachel also meets another student named Mark, who she soon realizes is the son she gave up for adoption 17 years previously. She's not ready to tell Mark who she is, but she really wants to get to know him. Luckily Mark has befriended Devin, and Devin keeps asking her out on dates. So she decides to get to know Devin, so that she can get to know Mark through him.

Okay, so the plot may be a little ridiculous, but I really enjoyed this book! The New Zealand setting was quite interesting and different. I found the dialogue between Rachel and Devin really funny.
"It figures you'd be an advocate of prohibition," he commented as he opened the passenger door.
"I've noticed before that you typecast librarians," she said kindly. "But as your experience of learning institutions is obviously quite new I'll make allowances."
And when Rachel comes down dressed for their date in a black dress and cardigan:
Cardigan? He might not be a hell-raiser anymore but Devin valued his reputation. "Haven't you got anything sexy?"
"Yes," said Rachel. "My mind."

The love story is very nice, as is the way Rachel's relationship with her son develops. I may find it a little hard to believe that a rich, spoiled rock star would act the way Devin does (i.e. so normal), but it was very entertaining.

Does anyone know how to find the copyright date in a Kindle book??! It doesn't display on the copyright page. The librarian in me just died a little bit.


jmc said...

I just opened my Kindle and searched for "copyright" on two books. The copyright information was there, at the front. I've seen it at the end, too. Maybe it varies by book? But neither of the books I searched were Hqn books.

jmc said...

Okay, I should've done this first: I searched a Harlequin Presents on my Kindle. The copyright info was on the very last page.

Jennie said...

Yes, you're right! It's on the last page of the book. Phew. :)

nath said...

LOL, I don't think they would stop releasing that page :) It's copyright after all LOL. Pretty important stuff :P

This book did indeed get a great buzz :) I thought it was pretty good, but I don't know... didn't totally connect with Rachel :(