Monday, February 28, 2011

Waking the Witch, Kelley Armstrong

Title: Waking the Witch
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Published: 2010, Dutton
Category: Fantasy
Rating: 7/10

I can't believe this is the 11th book in the Women of the Otherworld series! It doesn't seem like that many, but I think I've read them all...

This installment of the series focuses on Savannah Levine, the powerful young witch first introduced in Stolen (right?). She's 21 now, and she's been working for years with Paige and Lucas in the supernatural detective agency that they set up. She's been doing mostly grunt work and background research, but now Paige and Lucas are on vacation when a multiple-murder case comes in. Savannah sees it as her chance to take the primary investigator's role and prove to everyone that she can handle it. She travels to the little town where three women have been murdered in what appears to have been some sort of supernatural ritual. She has lots of suspects, as well as handsome men who all seems to want to help her investigate: Adam, from the previous novels; Jesse Aanes, another supernatural detective; and Michael Kennedy, a human police detective.

I enjoyed this one, but it's not my favorite of the series. The mystery was well done and interesting, though I felt that the magical elements were slightly under-used until the very end. Savannah is a great character -- definitely the best part of the book -- and her budding relationship with Adam is sweet. I only have one major complaint: CLIFF HANGER. Argh! I flipped the last page thinking there just had to be more to read. But nope. Just have to wait until the next book, I guess. ;)


Marg said...

This one felt a little simplified to me compared to a lot of the other books in the series, maybe aiming to be a crossover between an adult and a YA book.

Jennie said...

Hi Marg! Yeah, maybe because Savannah is so young in this book? Rather than the other women lead characters, who are all older and more mature. I thought the mystery was quite well done -- complex and interesting. But it did seem to be a bit different than her other books, more like a normal mystery novel than a supernatural fantasy book.

Marg said...

Have you read her Nadia Stafford books? They are different again, kind of mystery, but no supernatural aspects. The main character is a hitwoman.

Jennie said...

I bought the first Nadia Stafford book but then never actually read it. My pacifist soul just didn't think it could take a hitwoman heroine. Even from an author I like as much as Kelley Armstrong!

nath said...

I'm having a major block with this book. I've had it in my TBR pile, even managed to get an ARC from RT, and yet, haven't picked it up ^_^; I don't know if it's because Savannah is the narrator or what... The only pro is that LOL, I don't have to worry about that cliffhanger. I guess I'm going to wait till the 2nd or even the third book is out to read it :)

You think Savannah is going to end up with Adam?

Marg said...

Jennie, I was a bit hesitant at first for the same reason, but in the end I figured that I trust Armstrong as an author, and she didn't let me down at all. I really hope there is a third one.

Nath, Savannah is totally going to end up with Adam.