Thursday, February 03, 2011

Upstairs, Downstairs Stories

I almost didn't hear about Downton Abbey, the new 4-part series that aired on Masterpiece! Luckily PBS has put the full episodes online, so I was able to watch them. LOVE! Unlike most Masterpiece movies, it's not based on a classic novel. But it was written and produced by Julian Fellowes, who also wrote Gosford Park (another favorite). I love this period (just before WWI), and I've always liked upstairs, downstairs stories. Maggie Smith is so very funny, and the ladies' costumes are wonderful. And there's going to be a second season of it! Hooray.

Of course, the movie put me in the mood for The Countess Below Stairs -- one of my absolute favorite books -- so I'm rereading that now. Anyone else have recommendations for upstairs, downstairs books?


Lucy said...

Hello, I've been enjoying your blog since Meg Cabot posted a link to your Mary Stewart blog a while back. I was also a fan of the Mary Stewart books growing up! I have enjoyed many of your recommendations, including the Michelle Moran Egypt books, the Clare Fergusson series, and recently I found an old copy of Celia Garth at the library which was interesting. I was going to recommend the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear but I see you already have some of her books in your library. How about Rhys Bowen? Her Molly Murphy series deals with class issues (not quite upstairs/downstairs) as does her new Royal Spyness/Lady Georgie series. I think you would like it. Thanks for setting up this blog, I will keep enjoying your recommendations.

Jennie said...

Hi Lucy! Thanks for the recommendation! I haven't read anything by Rhys Bowen -- I'll definitely look up one of her books. I read the first 3 Maisie Dobbs books and have always meant to catch up with the rest of the series -- I love that time period.