Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hanging Rock, NC

It's been so long since I posted! I'm slowly adjusting to working full-time again. I have about 5 books to catch up on, but first I'll share a few pictures from our camping trip last weekend. (Credit for all the pics goes to Twin, who is a much better photographer than I am.) We stayed at Hanging Rock State Park, near Winston-Salem. It was a really nice park (and I've seen a lot of them), good hiking and beautiful scenery.

The CCC built the park in the 1930s, including a dam to create a nice little lake. There's boating and swimming---plenty of people were swimming, though they must be heartier than me. I was watching from the shore in jeans and a sweatshirt.

The CCC also built some really beautiful stone buildings---this is the bathhouse, right on the lake.

And here's me and my dad at the top of Hanging Rock. (BTW, french braid pigtails are really the only way to go when camping. LOL)


Dev said...

Looks like you had a great time. The scenery is beautiful!

Rosario said...

What a spectacular place! Glad to hear you had fun!

CindyS said...


So, people still camp? ;)

It's five stars all the way when I travel.


nath said...

Nice pictures :D Did you have fun? it looked like you got some nice weather... by the way, NC, does that stand of North Carolina? actually, that's where you now live right? :D

so, how's work?

ames said...

It's so beautiful there!! Looks like fun. :P

Jennie said...

Thanks, everyone!

Nath--Yeah, NC stands for North Carolina. I forget that non-Americans wouldn't know that automatically. ;)
Work is great, but tiring! I'm really glad tomorrow is Friday.