Monday, August 13, 2007

Carolina's suiting me just fiiiine.

You have to draw out the "i" sound here in North Carolina. It's mandatory.

Just letting you all know that I have settled in very nicely now in my new home. (I'm sure you were worried.) The apartment is all cozy and snug. I have to say that I am enjoying the change. I miss my friends and coworkers of course, but I do not miss the city much at all. I still revel every night when I get into bed in the blissful silence and nearly complete darkness. Two hobbies have been resurrected: Twin and I have resumed our tennis rivalry (public courts are few and far between in Brooklyn, and we have one here just around the corner), and I've been playing my flute. I played all through school and loved it, but I never felt comfortable subjecting my many neighbors in NYC to my practicing. I'm hoping to find an ensemble to play with, or maybe just take lessons and make my teacher play lots of duets with me.

The job hunt is going pretty well, I think (*knocking on wood*). I've been doing some editing from home, though I've decided that I could never do it full-time, as I would be the world's worst boss to myself. Plus a day seems really long with no one at all to talk to! Twin comes home at 5:30 and I'm all chatty and she just wants to be quiet and rest. Poor thing. :)

Twin finished arranging our craft room this weekend; I helped a bit, mainly by holding things steady while she drilled stuff into the wall. It was quite a project. She's got a post up about it with more pix if people would like to see. Didn't it turn out nice? (And how nice not to have all the crafting clutter in the living room!)

So besides exploring the area, and reading lots, I've started a new quilt. I used to have a plain blue duvet on my bed, but the feather thingie is all wonky now and needs to be retired. So I tore up the duvet and am using the fabric to make this blue-and-white pinwheel quilt. (Twin drafted it for me on Illustrator so I could see what it would look like.) The border is a striped fabric, the same material my curtains are made of.

Actually, it's not going to be quite like that. I was planning on 4-inch pinwheels, but then I did the math and realized that I would have to make 168 pinwheels (composed of over 1,300 pieces of fabric). Now, I like the meticulous, repetitive nature of quilting, but that's going overboard. So there will be fewer, larger pinwheels. I only had to cut out 576 triangles. Much better. I should be able to finish it before cool weather gets here.

Okay, back to the books for next post. I've been reading up a storm and been on quite a streak of good reads. I'm hoping it lasts.

Happy reading and summer fun to you all. ;)


Mailyn said...

Squeeeeee! I'm first!!! Mehehe. I'm so glad that you are loving the life in your new home and your craft room is super cute!

I still revel every night when I get into bed in the blissful silence and nearly complete darkness.

This would totally kill me. I need traffic at all hours of the day. LOL.

Dude are you and twin identical or fraternal? I've ALWAYS wanted a twin. I wanted someone who looked like me! That way I'd have a mirror everywhere I go.

I know, I'm so vain. :-P

Seriously, I'd always thought been a twins or triplet would be hell cool. Everyone looking the same!

Rosario said...

I'm so glad the move is working out for you, Jennie! :-)

nath said...

hi jennie :D

i'm glad that you like it there :D I've been meaning to ask... is it a house or an apartment? cos it looked like a house :D you girls have make the place real cozy :D looks awesome!

Kristie (J) said...

Great looking room for Twin and all her craft stuff!!
So where are your books going? heh heh.
I'm glad you're both happy in North Caroliiiiina!!
And hey!! I recognize those dolls in the picture. Hope they plan on starring in another video soon :)

Jennie said...

Mailyn--We are identical. We seem to go through phases of where we look more alike and then less alike. Now we're looking very much the alike--I'm trying to talk Twin into using contacts again (I wear glasses) so that we don't get so many stares.

But yes, mostly it's cool. Though we've always said that being triplets would be cool too. ;)

Thanks, Rosario! When do you leave for England? That must be coming up soon, right?

Nath--It's a cottage apartment, technically. One story little house with other units attached on either side. I think it's really cute, and the neighborhood is nice. :)

Kristie--Lol, my books are mostly all in the living room (you can see whose hobby is more important, right? hee!) And Olive will be starring in another movie soon. I'm waiting for Twin to finish making the new cast member I need for this idea I have. You shall see. ;)

Mailyn said...

Wicked! Did you like do the twin thing and take tests for each other? I hear twins do that a lot.

nath said...

Jennie, well it looks soo nice :D you are so lucky and I think you like it better than NYC :P hopefully, you'll find a job soon :P

Em said...

Hi Jennie! I posted my Ibbotson reviews and I linked to your fabulous reviews. I haven't read A Song for Summer'll have to let me know if you like it. Happy Reading!

CindyS said...

I'm glad that you are so happy with your move! I'm also envious of Twin's organizational skills - does she travel and uh, clean? ;)

I'm not a quilt connes - well, that word that means I know what I'm talking about but I think less pinwheels will be better. But I prefer things that are less busy.


Jennie said...

Em--I'm heading over now. :)

Cindy--I don't rent out Twin's organizational services, I keep them all to myself. ;)