Thursday, July 05, 2007

Top Ten, Part II

After Wednesday’s post, I feel a bit like I’ve betrayed the city I’ve called home for years, even though it's been pretty good to me. And everyone was so nice at work today---I'm sad to leave them all.*sniff* And I had to pack up my office! I love my little office.

I’m sorry, NYC, you’re lovely sometimes. And I am a stronger, more independent person for having lived here. ;) So, here we go:

Top 10 things I will miss about NYC

10. The restaurants. Damn, there’s such good food here. Any kind of food you could possibly want.
9. Shows and concerts. I’m not exactly a gad-about-town kind of girl (incurable homebody, that’s me) but I love going to shows (especially Broadway musicals, mock if you will), concerts, and the ballet. And the Brooklyn Public Library is amazing---they have such a big collection, almost everything I ever went looking for.
8. Public transportation. It’s easy to complain about the MTA, but really it’s pretty amazing the way the system moves millions of people wherever they need to go. And having all your transportation costs covered by a $75/month metrocard is great.
7. Not having to drive everywhere. Within a 3-block radius of my apartment I can go to: grocery store, produce stand, meat market, post office, bagel shop, deli, Chinese restaurant, pizza place, schlock shop (we call it the Everything Store), about a dozen other shops, and a subway stop. That’s cool.
6. Shopping. Okay, now I don’t actually like shopping all that much, but the fact that you can find any kind of store you want is pretty nice.
5. Politics. I grew up in southeastern Virginia where my family’s political views were about 180 degrees to the left of everybody else's. So it’s been great to live in a blue, blue state and be surrounded by people whose views are as liberal as my own.
4. Diversity. I live in a fairly un-trendy, un-gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn and just taking a stroll down the street I’ll hear about 5 different languages, none of them English. I love it.
3. Working in book publishing. It’s been such a fabulous experience---no matter how much we complain about the small salaries and the hard work, it is amazing to be part of the process. I will miss it so.
2. Free books. SOB! ARCs. SOB! Books before the on-sale date. SOB! SOB! SOB! SOB! SOB! SOB! SOB!!! This one hurts.
1. How will I feel sophisticated and self-important if I can’t say, “I live in New York City”? LOL.

All right, they’re cutting off my internet this afternoon, so I’ll be offline for a while. The movers come on Monday! I think everything's going to go very smoothly. Here's hoping anyway. :)

Everyone have a lovely weekend, and I'll see you in a few days!


CindyS said...


And I would love to have everything I needed in a city block so I could walk *ow* sorry, that was funny - to get something to cook *ow* okay, I have to stop ;)

And hey, some of us have never even been to NYC!


Mailyn said...

Those are the EXACT reasons why I LOVE NYC. We have no museums here [except for a couple on modern art]. The public library looks more like a hole in the wall. No ancient and beautiful buildings. Ballet? Concerts? Broadway musicals? We get lucky if we get like ballet a year? Diversity? What's that? All you get here is English and Spanish. And maybe Chinese at the Chinese restaurants.

Yeah, you just hit all the reasons I want to move there. :-(

Tara Marie said...

I knew you'd find something to miss :) So it will be a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't like to live there again.

Good luck with the move.

Anjel said...

Gosh - you almost made me miss the Big Apple.

And I've never even been there!

Good luck with the move! Cant wait to read your "i've arrived" BLOG post!

ReneeW said...

Hope everything goes well with the move. I hate moving or rather I hate packing/unpacking. Never been to NYC but someday....

Mailyn said...

UPDATE!!! We need to know how the move went!!!