Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter 7 Chez Twin. EEEEEEEE!!!!

Those lucky Brits already have it! No fair. WHY does midnight come so much later here! (Okay that doesn't really make sense, but you know what I mean.) I feel sorry for you West Coasters.

But we are ready here at our house. I've finished my re-read of the entire series even though I was afraid I wouldn't have the time or inclination. But that was silly. By the time I started reading them, there was no stopping me. ;)

We've laid in plenty of easy-to-prepare food and snacks. And Twin emailed me our schedule earlier today while she was struggling through her workday. It is funny, so I will share:

11:30 Head to Borders for GALA, where our copies await us.
1:30 Home, read ONE chapter, go to bed. Lock Jennie's book away so she doesn't wake up in the middle of the night and sneak in some reading.

9:00 Awaken.
9:05 Breakfast (orange juice, yogurt, granola bar, maybe some chocolate cake)
9:10 HP7!
11:00 Elevenses (Milanos)
12:30 Lunchie (tuna on french bread, chips, dc, chocolate cake)
12:45–4:00 HP7
4:00–5:00 Tennis
5:00 Snackies. Watermelon.
5:05–6:30 HP7
(6:00 Place papa johns order)
6:45pm–1:00am HP7

Sunday schedule:
Repeat as above until the THRILLING CONCLUSION and HAPPY ENDING (or until every character is dead, whichever comes first.)


Note that we are going to try to go to bed tonight after getting our books. I think I'll be too sleepy tonight to appreciate the Harry Potter to its fullest extent. ;) We'll see.

And to all my blogging friends, I apologize that I haven't been to visit. I've been deathly afraid of HP spoilers, which I know are all over the Web. I haven't read any newspapers or turned the TV on. But come next week, life will be back to normal. ;)

To everyone who reads Harry Potter: HAPPY READING!!



Marg said...

I know that this won't help, but we've had it for 2 and half hours too! Our release time was 9.01am on Saturday!

C2 said...

I admire Twin's scheduling skills! ;-)

I've been avoiding TV and news websites, too...if I run across spoilers I might have to hurt someone. }:-(


CindyS said...

Dang. Now I want cake. Have fun!


Christy said...

Mrs. Weasley Rocks! Awesome book. JK Rowling did not disappoint. Happy Reading!

C2 said...

Wasn't it fabulous?!?! Squeeeeeee! :-D

nath said...

LOL, happy reading to both of you :P

Mailyn said...

What?!?! You read one chapter and went to bed?!?! OMG I seriously admire your will power woman! I had to read the whole thing soon as I got home.

I have no will power at all whatsoever. The only reason I didn't read it on the way home was because I was driving but I was sorely tempted to tell my mom to drive. :-P

Marmee said...

OK, kiddo, now it's Monday.
Your Harry Potter countdown clock is seriously confunded.
Time to fix up the blog, you ex-new yorker, you!
I'm halfway through the re-read (sadly, I gulped down the book at warp speed the first time to find out what happened to who) and it really is awesome.
Sorry I couldn't join you for the pizza!