Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just checking in

We have arrived in NC, safe and sound! The move was surprisingly easy. This is the first time we've used an actual moving company. We always just rented a U-Haul and did it ourselves, but we've reached the critical mass of crap that it's not really possible anymore. Having large men carry everything was fantastic. (And they could really heft some heavy stuff! I'd packed up my books so carefully in small-ish boxes, but they were carrying 2-3 at a time.)

Above is our new stoop. We have a stoop! Aren't the flowers nice? A housewarming gift from my mom. The new apartment is great and it's lovely and hot here. I'm going to the pool tomorrow. ;)

I'm completely sick of unpacking, but we've got most of the place done. Except for the craft room. (We have an extra bedroom here and we've decided to make it half and half a craft studio for Twin and a home office for me.)

Yeah, that's pretty much wall-to-wall stuff. You can't really even enter the room right now. Ugh.

And if you haven't seen enough pictures of my TBR yet, here it is in its new home. It's in its own bookcase now. Well, partly. I thought sure they were all going to fit---but not even close. I think this picture is big, so if you click on it you can read the titles. The top left hand corner are my high priority books. ;)

In reading news, I'm still making my way through HP5. And I've just been to the bookstore to reserve Twin's and my copies of Deathly Hallows for next Friday. Yippee!


Marianne McA said...

Glad you've arrived safely. The house looks lovely.

And, as for Book 5, when do you get to see the film?

C2 said...

You made it - yay! :o)

I ran across something on that you might be interested in (I figure with the move, you missed it):
They mention the Raleigh-Durham airport near the end. That's kind of nearby isn't it?

Jennie said...

Marianne---I think our plan is to go this weekend, maybe Saturday morning. Have you seen it yet? It's getting some really good reviews. I can't wait to see it.

C2---That is really near me! I haven't ever been to that airport, but I'm sure to get there at some point, either flying myself or picking someone up. I'll make sure to leave some extra time for book shopping. :) Thanks for the link!

Butterfly Amy said...

Hi Jennie!
Glad to see you've arrived safely and are settling in nicely :) And of course was excited to read the titles in your TBR pile! I see Blame it on Cupid by Jennifer Greene WAY down the bottom lol push that up... it was really good! Did you read Blame it on Chocolate by her? There is a slight character connection so Chocolate should be read before Cupid.
Happy Reading!

CindyS said...

Your house is gorgeous! I love red brick homes. Glad you and your stuff all made it - especially your books.

I was lucky. Bob unpacked almost everything the first night in. I didn't have to touch a box. I felt mildly guilty but I know that Bob is like that - needs everything unpacked and in it's place. I could live with boxes for much longer than most people would realize ;)


Rosario said...

Glad to hear everything went well, Jennie! And ugh, yeah, unpacking is the worst. I think I hate it even more than packing.

Love the house!

nath said...

Youppi!!! congratulations for getting to NC!! so, you have a house now? not an appartment? it really looks nice and I'm really happy for you!!!

Devon said...

Congrats on the move! Unpacking stinks:)

You've got some good ones on the TBR shelves!

Li said...

Glad you made it safely! Your place looks great and I bet you'll have plenty of room for books!

Dance Chica said...

Congratulations on your new home! I'm glad to see you're getting set up, and that everything is going well. Looking at your bookshelves reminds me that I really, really need to buy another bookcase. The one I have is so full it's not even funny. I have books just sitting out on the floor now! LOL.

Kristie (J) said...

Glad the move went good and you are settling in. I see a couple of books that need to be moved the more important pile *g*. Morning Glory (which I see you have 2 copies of - see I look closely) and Bliss. They are both 5 out of 5 or A books.

Tara Marie said...

Congrats on making it in one piece. You have some really good books on that TBR pile/mountain :)

ReneeW said...

Glad you made the move in one piece and are settling down. I hate unpacking the worst. Your front porch with all the brick is beautiful. I loved the picture of your TBR. So fun to read other people's TBR titles, but I think I got a crick in my neck :)

Mailyn said...

Glad to hear the move went well! Can't wait for more updates. Oh and I am amazed at your TBR. Mine is nothing compared to that. LOL.

Jennie said...

Amy--Glad to hear that Greene is good. It was a total impulse buy!

Cindy--You are lucky! Unpacking boxes totally sucks. ;) But I'm like Bob--I don't feel at all comfortable until everything is all settled around me. So I'm pretty worn out on unpacking.

Rosario--Unpacking is way worse. You have to figure out where everything goes!

Nath--It's sort of a house. Technically it's a cottage apartment. One story with homes adjoining on either side. But it's pretty nice and no upstairs neighbors to make noise! YAY!

Devon--I know, I've got some really good books TBR. I need to stop buying and finish some of them up. ;)

Li--Yes, lots more room for books! Yay!

Dance Chica--Have you double-stacked your bookcase? I'm trying to keep mine single-stacked, but I'm running out of space. ;)

Kristie--You're home from RWA?! I'm so behind on my bloghopping. :( I need to go visiting everyone and read about all the fun you all had. I keep meaning to get to MG---will definitely do it soon.

Tara Marie--I know, I do have some good ones. I'm going to try to not buy any more until I reduce the TBR a little, but I'm not sure I'll be able to manage it.

Renee--Thanks! We like our little house a lot. And I love looking at pictures of other people's TBRs too. Though then it adds even more books to my buy list.

Mailyn--My TBR isn't nearly as bad as Ames's or Kristie's. LOL. But I still feel a bit guilty about it. ;)

Dance Chica said...

Yup, mine are double-stacked, triple-stacked. :-P I want mine single-stacked too. Gotta get another one! I like your shelves, though. They're nice. I love seeing pictures of books and bookshevles/cases. :-)

sybil said...

Congrats on the move! I think I am terribly green. What fun and you have so much ahead of you. Clean slate... so exciting in a way don't you think.

There was more but I will email you instead.