Friday, June 05, 2009

Upcoming books/Updates for my favorite authors

I've been web surfing, checking up on all my favorite authors. Here's the latest:

Kelley Armstrong: I still haven't gotten to reading her latest in the Otherworld series (Living with the Dead). It's definitely on the list for this summer. She's announced the next book in the series: Frostbitten, which will be out in November. Looks like Clay and Elena will be narrating. Woo hoo!

I've kind of lost interest in her other two ongoing series (YA Darkest Powers and thriller Nadia Stafford). They're just not quite my cuppa.

Mary Balogh has just put out the first four books in the Huxtable series. I've read the first and bought the second. But why is the fourth one in hardcover when all the others were paperback? I do not understand the reasoning there. The last book in the series will be out next year (I think).

Meljean Brook: The next Guardians book is out in October. Yay!

Lois McMaster Bujold is in the midst of writing a new Miles book. (Her MySpace blog says she's about halfway through.) This does not actually terribly excite me as I still have many, many older books in the Miles series still to read. It will take a couple years to catch up. But still good news for most fans.

Loretta Chase's newest is due out at the end of the month! Don't Tempt Me.

Jennifer Crusie has a pretty new website, but unfortunately no good news on upcoming books. She's planning to release a Mayer/Crusie sometime in 2009 and a solo book (!!!!) in 2010.

Sara Donati has announced the publication date for the next (and final) Wilderness book!!! YAYYYY!!!! This one makes me ecstatic. The Endless Forest (nice title) will be out January 26, 2010. Less than 8 months to wait.

Eva Ibbotson: Penguin has just republished The Magic Flutes as The Reluctant Heiress. Have already read it and will post a review soon. Preview: it's lovely.

Eloisa James: Just bought her newest last night. This Duchess of Mine is Jemma and Elijah's story. And she has another book coming out 7/28 -- A Duke of Her Own, which is Villier's story. Two books in one summer -- nice!

Susanna Kearsley is writing "a story of historical suspense set on the southern coast of Cornwall." Excellent! Will keep stalking her website for more details.

Carla Kelly: Bought her newest last night as well -- The Surgeon's Lady. This is the second in a trilogy, I believe. Don't know whether the third has been announced yet. Anyone know?

J.K. Rowling -- The 6th Harry Potter movie is out in mid-July. The previews look good. I need to start my pre-movie reread of Half-Blood Prince soon.

Sharon Shinn: I still haven't read Fortune and Fate, the newest in her Twelve Houses series. Gotta get to that soon. I'm excited about Quatrain (due out October 6) which is a book of four novellas, each set in a different world that she's created (especially excited about the one set in Samaria and the one set in the Summers at Castle Auburn world).

Mary Stewart -- Chicago Review Press is re-releasing My Brother Michael (one of my favorites!) in November.


Marmee said...

What? Not going to start at the first Harry and work your way through the whole series again? Just the one Potter this time?

Phyl said...

To answer your Carla Kelly question, there is a third book and I read a comment by Carla a while back about it. I'm pretty sure it's to be published in November, but I may be off by a month or so. She's one author I really, really, really wish had a web site!

nath said...

Can't wait till Frostbitten! :) Too bad you lost interest in her YA book, it wasn't bad ;) I have review coming up Monday with Li about the 2nd book :)

I can't wait till Demon Forged! It's been too long we've gone without a Guardian book!

and it's cool that it's not too busy at work :)

nath said...

Oh, as for the Jennifer Crusie... I'm not putting too much hope in it. Sure, it'd be cool... but the long period of time between books is a bit off-putting.

Kate Diamond said...

I really liked Crusie's updated website, too. I am trying not to obsess TOO much about the Mayer/Crusie and solo Crusie. But I am REALLY looking forward to those releases and hope they actually do come out in the next two years!

Li said...

I am very excited about the new Miles book.

Mmm.... I'm still stuck in the middle of the second Meljean Brook book - not quite sure why.

And The Magic Flutes was *good*.

Jennie said...

Marmee -- My time is limited. I gotta make the most of my summer. :) Collin's reading them all, though, so I get to bother him by asking constantly, "what partcha at?"

Phyl -- Thanks! I thought that the third one would come out pretty soon. And yes, she really should have a website.

Nath -- Yeah, I'm not getting my hopes up too high for a solo Crusie. Though I'm glad she's not putting out crap just because she feels she needs to publish a book every year. I'd rather wait for a good Crusie than be disappointed.

Kate -- I bet the Mayer/Crusie will come out on time. And I really liked their last one, so I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Li -- I know! Magic Flutes was *good*. I'm trying to write a review now and it's hard! Why is writing reviews for books you loved so much more difficult?!

Marg said...

I am totally looking forward to the sara Donati as well, although will be a bit sad that there will be no more visits to Paradise.

I will read whatever Jennifer Crusie brings out...from the library, particularly for the collaboration books.

Jennie said...

Marg -- I'll be sad the Wilderness series is over too! I just reread Into the Wilderness, and it's sooo good.

sandy l said...


Forgotten Classics Podcast (it is on iTunes) is reading The Moonspinners by Mary Stewart.

Jennie said...

Thanks Sandy! I'll check it out.