Sunday, February 17, 2008

I voted!

I finally voted in AAR's Annual Reader Poll. With a few hours to spare! Voting closes tonight at midnight.

I sat down with my 2007 reading grid and realized that I didn't actually read that many books that were published in 2007. It takes quite a while for most things to filter to the top of my TBR. Often over a year, apparently. I kept thinking of good things to vote for and then realizing that they were pub'd in 2006. I'm so slow.

Anyway, here's my ballot. I only voted in about half the categories.

Favorite funny - Agnes and the Hitman, Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer
Most-hanky read - Beau Crusoe, Carla Kelly
Most tortured hero - James Trevenen, Beau Crusoe
Strongest heroine - Lilith Milton, Demon Angel, Meljean Brook
Best romance hero - Dag Redwing, The Sharing Knife: Legacy, Lois McMaster Bujold
Best romance couple - Colin and Savi, Demon Moon, Meljean Brook
Best villain - Villiers, Desperate Duchesses, Eloisa James (Maybe I didn't get the point of this one, as Villiers is sort of likable. But he's so well drawn and interesting.)
Author most glommed - Eva Ibbotson (Was this supposed to be an author who published something in 2007? If so, this isn't going to count.)
Best European historical - Not Quite a Lady, Loretta Chase
Best romantic suspense - High Noon, Nora Roberts
Best SF, Fantasy - Demon Moon, Meljean Brook (Can I just say that the whole Fantasy/Paranormal distinction is SUPER confusing? I even read their little definition and still wasn't sure which category to put Demon Moon in. I hope I did it right.)
Best paranormal/time travel - No Humans Involved, Kelley Armstrong
Best chicklit/womens fiction - The Fortune Quilt, Lani Diane Rich
Least believable HEA - Sexiest Man Alive, Diane Holquist
Most disappointing romance - The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes, Crusie/Stuart/Dreyer


Rosario said...

So didn't you vote for Best Romance or did you just forget to list it here? And no Best Heroine?

We have a few in common, BTW, like Lilith for Strongest Heroine and High Noon for Best Rom. Susp. I need to read Beau Crusoe and Not Quite a Lady.

Jennie said...

Rosario--I couldn't decide on Best Romance! So I left it blank. I even looked at the list of contenders from the last interim results, and didn't want to vote for any of them. ;) Same thing with Best Heroine. I'm horribly indecisive sometimes.

Kate Diamond said...

I totally agree with you in following categories:

Favorite funny
Best villain
Best chicklit/womens fiction

About Eloisa James: I get all anxious about this series, because I very much want Gemma and Elijah to fix their marriage. What do you think? If Eloisa James does that, who will she pair with Villiers?

Jennie said...

Kate--I think she's definitely going to give Gemma and Elijah an HEA. Maybe the last book in the series will actually focus on them? I'm not sure. And I'm trying to remember now, but didn't Villiers begin to have feelings for someone in the last book? The slightly frumpy older spinster lady who was talking politics with Elijah all the time? That's right, she nursed him back to health. Maybe he could end up with her? Or am I remembering completely wrong?