Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who's the big winner??

Kristie J!!! Your name was drawn out of the hat by my impartial assistant (Twin)--so congrats! Send your snail mail address to me at jenniesbooklog(at)gmail and I'll send your books off.

Sorry to those who didn't win. So sad. But maybe I'll do another giveaway soon. Must spread on the love of deliciously yummy books. ;)


Kristie (J) said...

Whooo Hoo!!! Could this day GET any better book wise!!??!!
Thank you so much!! and thank The Twin for me for drawing my name! Ahhhhhh Mary Stewart - how I loved you and how I've missed you!
Email coming your way (after Lost)
Gotta run now!

nath said...

Congrats Kristie!!!! You lucky gal! Also, Happy Blogiversary again Jennie and thank you for the contest!!!

CindyS said...

Sorry to those who didn't win. So sad.

You are too funny.

Congrats to Kristie!! Now I just need to update my wishlist ;)


julieree said...

You are most welcome, Kristie. It was my pleasure. Of course, my involvement was limited to picking a little balled-up piece of paper out of a hat, so it was not overly exerting. ;)

I am so jealous you get to rediscover Mary Stewart. ohhhh, she's good.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kristie J! Happy Reading!