Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wake up, bloggy!

I am going to try to revive the blog! I've haven't really been posting with any frequency for years, but I want to start again. I've missed it. Life has finally settled down a little, I've been reading more again, so hopefully I can get a couple of posts up a week. We'll try anyway. :)

Some life updates, for those interested:

I haven't mentioned this guy yet, have I? I met my very own real-life hero over two years ago. He's better than any fictional hero I've ever read about. His name is Collin. He fully supports my reading habits, even though sometimes he likes to read the back cover copy in a dramatic voice and make fun of it. That's okay. I make fun of his fantasy sports, so we're about even.

Twin got married! Wasn't she a beautiful bride? And she's so happy! She had the most lovely wedding I've ever been to -- full of personal touches and happy people. Twin has disgustingly good taste, so the whole day was gorgeous. She's been posting about it on her blog.

I graduated from the library science program at UNC Chapel Hill in May. I'm a librarian! So exciting. Less exciting was the job search that followed -- but I was extremely fortunate and got a fabulous job as the Web Librarian at Appalachian State University. So Collin and I have moved to Boone, which is a small town in the mountains of North Carolina. And they pay me to play with the web all day! Score.

All right, I've just finished the new Jennifer Crusie book -- let's see how long it takes me to get a review up. :)


Dora said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back!

Kerry said...

Glad to see you back.

Rosario said...

Yay, welcome back! :-D

Wendy said...

WEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yippee for finishing your degree and double, triple, quadruple yippee on the new job!

(And I so shouldn't have clicked on The Twin's blog and looked at all those gorgeous wedding pictures. Oh to be that crafty and talented!)

nath said...

Wooohoo Jennie!! Glad to see you around again :) I hope the blogging bug has gotten you again :D

Congrats to you for your degree and your new job!! and to your sister for her marriage :P Awesome! What about you? When are you tying the knot? :P

Looking forward to read your review of the JC :P

~ames~ said...

OMG YAY!! I'm so glad you're back and with so much good news!

Congrats to both you and Twin!! Great news all around. :P

Li said...

Welcome back - and congrats all around!

Your sister's photos are amazing - massively in awe at her skills.

Jennie said...

Thanks, everyone! It's nice to see so many of my blog friends still around! :)

Marg said...

So good to see a post from you, and to catch up on your news!

meljean brook said...

Good to see you ... and congratulations on the new job! You are all looking fantastic in these pictures.

Annell said...

I've awarded you the One Lovely Blogger Award! Here is the link:

Congrats on your new job!


C2 said...

Yay! You're back and full of excellent news! :)

Mollie said...

Welcome back! I too was gone for awhile (closed down my old blog Biblioharlot's Bookshelf) but also got my blogging mojo back and started Book Fare Delights!

Glad you're back and congrats on all the awesomeness the past few years! The web librarian job sounds awesome!

CindyS said...

Woohoo!! So glad to see you back and Collin sounds like a great guy! And your twin looks gorgeous in that picture - I'll go see her blog in a minute.

Congrats on graduation and getting a job in a field you love.

Welcome back - you've been missed!


Susanna Kearsley said...

Welcome back, Jennie! I've missed your voice.