Friday, March 12, 2010

Blog Hiatus

I'm finishing up my masters degree (graduation on May 9!!). Obviously the blog has been on a break for a while, but I definitely plan to resuscitate it this summer. I really want to get back to reviewing books, and I should have lots more time for reading. Right now, I need to concentrate on finishing my Masters Paper and, um, getting a job. :)

Some great books I've read lately:

Michelle Moran's books about Egypt (love them!)

Julia Spencer-Fleming's Reverend Clare Fergusson mystery series (I've just read the first one and can't wait to get to the rest)

Sara Donati finished up her Into the Wilderness series with The Endless Forest

Jennifer Crusie's re-issued The Cinderella Deal

See you in a couple months!


Wendy said...

Woot! May 9! Yippeee!

I read Michelle Moran's debut novel, Nefertiti, way back when, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I've got her second novel buried somewhere in the depths of the TBR.....

Jennie said...

Nefertiti was really good. But my favorite of hers is Cleopatra's Daughter (I think it's her most recent?) -- it's about Cleopatra's daughter (obviously) who is taken by Augustus to live in Rome. I'm a total sucker for Roman-set novels. :)

Li said...

Oh congrats and looking forward to having you post more :-)

I've never read any of Moran's novels, but coincidentally saw them in the library yesterday - will try soon!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! You're back!!

nath said...

Congrats Jennie!! Wow, it went by fast no?

Can't wait for you to start posting again!! :D

What did you think of The Cinderella Deal?

Kate Diamond said...

Good luck with your hiatus work! I wish you many jobs to choose from.

Viola said...

Good luck with your Masters! I always loved Mary Stewart when I was young, especially her books about King Arthur. I'm glad to find you because I want to read them all again!