Monday, January 14, 2008

Go visit RtB

1. I have a column up at Romancing the Blog.

2. Who saw the new Persuasion last night on Masterpiece Theater? I thought: lovely Captain Wentworth, otherwise not as good as the Amanda Root version. They really mangled the end (JMC--the letter scene, they destroyed it! Noooo!).

3. Why is it Monday? Ugh.


Zeek said...

HA! My thoughts exactly on Persuasion!

jmc said...

I thought the whole thing was a train wreck and am complaining about it today on my blog. And the letter! The letter! What were they thinking?

I'm not sure who Wentworth actor was, but I've seen him before on MI-5. Yum. But he wasn't Wentworth in my mind.

ReneeW said...

I have to agree about Persuasion. I loved Rupert Penry-Jones (Captain Wentworth) but I detested Sally Hawkins (Anne Elliott). The final kissing scene was dreadful. Anne (Sally) looked like a fish with her mouth opening and closing.

Kate Diamond said...

I have it on DVR, but I haven't seen it yet. I've never seen a version that I liked; maybe because the tone of "Persuasion" is so lovely, and so different. Perhaps it doesn't translate well to TV/film?

Jennie--You know the L.M. Montgomery book that makes me sob? Emily's Quest. Killing the teacher... what a low blow.

Jennie said...

jmc--He was on MI-5? I watched the first season of that when the star was Matthew McFaddyen (definitely spelled wrong). I might have to get some more if it's got Captain Wentworth in it.

Renee--YES! That kiss was horrible. Ugh. What were they thinking?

Kate--I really like the Amanda Root/Ciaran Hinds version. Have you seen that one? It's a very pretty movie and I think the Anne is pretty spot-on.

And you know, I actually haven't read the Emily books! Someone else was trying to get me to read them too. My sister told me they were sad. But I'll get to them one day. :)

jmc said...

He joined as the head of that group when Macfadden (sp?) left the show. And, thanks to IMDB, it looks like he stayed for a series/season or two. Must add to my Netflix queue.