Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Meet m3, my brand-new MacBook. Eeeee! m3 is short for minimegaMac, and to understand the name you have to know Twin's and my Mac history. Eons ago (like, 5 years) we had an iBook, which we called miniMac. Then we got a G5 that we called megaMac. And my new MacBook has great colossal power and is itty bitty. So he's minimegaMac. (Okay, he's not as itty bitty as the new MacBook Air, but I didn't feel like paying an extra $500 to not have an optical drive, you know?)

And I don't even have to feel guilty about buying it, because I have to have a laptop for grad school next fall. He's beautiful and I love him. We had some trouble installing our wireless router (20 min. on hold with Mac, 15 min. on hold with D-Link, and a visit from the cable provider=one good time). But he's working beautifully now. Yippee!! And now I am blogging from the comfort of my couch. Ahh.

Little Pinkie, my iPod mini, is in awe.

Here's m3 with some books I just bought. Just because.

Is it weird that I name my computer?


Samantha said...

Congrats on the new laptop Jennie!!! And no I don't think its weird that you name your computer, mine oddly enough has a name too. A friend dubbed it "the apple juice avenger" lol

Rosario said...

Ohhhh, pretty!


Is it weird that I name my computer?

Nope, not at all. Mine is Tanaka-san, and my ebook reader is called Phineas.

nath said...

Absolutely not weird that you're naming your computer... at least, M3 sounds good... my sister name her desktop computer Paprika... she's supposed to get her laptop today... wonder what she'll name it.

and wow, that is quite a nice laptop :) So you're going to start grad school?

nath said...

Congrats! (I'm sorry, forgot to write it down in the previous comment ^_^; ) Is it in library sciences?

C2 said...

Eeeeee! I got a macBook for Christmas! :-D Aren't we cool? Isn't surfing from the sofa the best thing EVAR? LOL

I haven't named it yet, though. The iBook being replaced is Booky (not creative, I know...but I love him so). Now I must ponder on names.

Creatively Elusive said...

I stumbled on here via on accident and now you've been bookmarked! Not only do we have the name 'jennie' in common, we also have spiffy new MacBooks! Verry nice! Now, all i gotta ask is..how do you keep yours clean? x.x

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