Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Google. iGoogle.

Have people heard of iGoogle? They're customizable Google home pages. You pick a banner and what widgets you want to have displayed. I just discovered it, and it is cool.

Here's the banner I picked. The little fox is so cute! And the picture changes according to what time of the day it is for me. Like in the morning, the sun's way over to the left and he's picking oranges. Then at lunchtime he has a little picnic. And then, oh, look! He's fishing in his little boat. And then it gets dark and he sits on his deck. I don't know if he goes to bed or not. If he does, he stays up later than me. Okay, yes, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

But see, look at all my little tools. It has my weather, email, and unread posts on my google reader. A to-do list, a list of top-selling books, news stories, etc., etc. And a John Stewart quote of the day. Hee! And you can drag the tools around to put them exactly like you want.

It's good fun. :)


nath said...

It does look sooo cool :D and the banner is really cute :D what is this page for though? is it like a blog or just a personal page you visit daily?

Devon said...

Fun! this comes up as your homepage I assume. I'm going to check it out.

Megan Frampton said...

I picked that one, too!

I love that the scene changes according to your local time.

Jennie said...

Nath--You make it your homepage, so whenever you open the internet it shows up. It's nice because it shows so much info (personalized info too) on one page. So I can see my new email and blog posts without going to a bunch of different sites. I guess it saves time. But mostly I just like to play with it. ;)

Devon--Yep. If you're on a public computer (or if someone else has been signed into blogger on your computer) you have to log in. But if it's just your computer, it shows right up. You should get one. ;)

Megan--I love the fox! And seems like he's often doing something new. Like today I noticed he was feeding the ducks at one point. Has he always done that and I just never saw it before, or does he get new activities?! Hee. Again, easily amused. :)

Em said...

Cool! I updated my google homepage after I saw yours. :-) Mine is now a beach scene.