Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This and that

Twin sis Julie has joined the world of bloggers. Check her out at Julieree. She is a graphic designer/photographer/arts and crafts guru/all-around very cool girl and always has interesting things to say.

Discovered this week that there is a new quilting store in town. Purl Patchwork in Soho. It's a tiny little shop that carries mostly just fabric, with some basic sewing/quilting notions. Very nice selection of fabrics--lots of really cool reproduction/vintage-looking prints. I couldn't help buying some for my stash.

And I got a belated b-day gift from my Mom. This lovely T-shirt with a slightly snarky, but excellent Jane Austen quote. Anyone know which character says it? (I had to look it up.)

I finished my class last night. YAY! Now I no longer have to face the madness that is 42nd Street at rush hour. The plan is to take the summer off, then finish up my Certificate in Editing with two classes in the fall. I have not been overly impressed with the program, mostly, I think, because editing, being a solitary kind of effort, is very hard to teach well. A skill that is easier to learn by doing, rather than by listening to a lecture. But I have learned some, and yes, it looks good on a resume.

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julieree said...

I'm betting the Jane Austen quote is from Northanger Abbey--that's the book where she discusses novels and literary matters the most.

Not sure about what character would have said it though. It seems a rather strong sentiment for the fairly reserved and innocent heroine (whose name is Catherine I think?) I obviously need to reread it!