Thursday, November 11, 2010

Advent Calendars!

Twin has created the most adorable garland advent calendars!

She's actually been making these for a few years, and I always love they way they look hanging over the mantel or across the wall back when we lived in a little apartment with no fireplace. This year she's decided to sell the kit in her etsy shop -- so you can make your very own! The kit is a downloadable PDF with instructions and templates for two different designs.

You can read more about them on Twin's blog. My mantel is definitely going to be decorated with the Starry Trees design this year. :)


Marianne McA said...

They're both really lovely. After a good deal of deliberation, I ordered the starry trees PDF, though I've a dark suspicion that mine will end up all lopsided, looking like a 4 year old's art project rather than an elegant Home & Gardens type affair.

Historical Romance Novels said...

Wow! What a beautiful and creative idea for an advent calendar! I used to love opening the advent calendar every day when I was a kid! What a great modern update of a classic! Thanks for sharing this!