Monday, June 02, 2008

New glasses

What do you think? They're a bit bolder than my last pair.

I think my blogging mojo has returned. I've read some really good books the last few days. I started the new Julia Quinn last night and the first scene reminded me why I enjoy her books. So funny.

And I've converted Li. MWAHAHA! She now understands the greatness that is Mary Stewart. What are you waiting for?? :)


Rosario said...

Nice! I think the shape looks perfect for you :-)

Megan Frampton said...

I like them, too.

nath said...

Hi there :D glad that your mojo wasn't gone for too long :D I think that the new Julia Quinn was very good :) hey, you want to buddy review it with me?

Love the glasses :P My style too :P

li said...

I like! Agree it's a good shape for your face.

And I cannot wait until my next batch of Mary Stewarts arrive. Hopefully just in time for the weekend.

C2 said...

The glasses are cute! What color are they?

Jennie said...

Thanks, everyone! I like them pretty well, though it takes some adjustment. :)

Nath--Sure, I'll do a buddy review with you. Probably won't get to it until the weekend--is that okay?

C2--They're really dark brown, almost black. I took that photo with the photobooth program on my Mac--those pictures turn out so harsh with odd lighting, I had to turn it B&W. :)

nath said...

It's good with me :D Just email me when you have time :)

CindyS said...

Your glasses look lovely!

Bob got new glasses there about a month ago and although the lens shape stayed the same they didn't have a crossbar at the top. Completely threw him off for a few days. Also the arms are bowed out and he keeps catching them by accident. But at least he doesn't have dents in his temples anymore!

And I can see your Vote Barack Obama on your wall ;)


Keta Diablo said...

I really enjoy Julia Quinn too. Great writer!

Thanks for the interesting blog and for keeping readers interested in our writing.

Best,Keta Diablo