Monday, April 28, 2008

Finally! Hawaii pix.

Julie (Twin) and I finally got our Hawaii pix on flickr. It took us long enough, didn't it? Julie is the photographer, so I can't take credit for them. I'll post some here, but if you want you can view the full set here.

One of our favorite places we went was The Garden of Eden, which is on the western coast of Maui. Amazing plants and beautiful views. Here's the whole fam (except Julie, who's taking the picture). From left to right is Mirth (my brother's girlfriend), Justin (my brother), Mom, Dad, and me.

Twins! (I think we look pretty different here. Julie's started wearing her contacts again, which helps.)

The town of Lahaina was near where we stayed and a really cool place. Mostly tourist shops and restaurants, but still neat. And there is a completely fabulous used bookstore called the Old Lahaina Book Emporium.

And here's me at my future place of employment (in my dreams).

We had this really nice condo that was right on the ocean, with a great deck that was literally a few yards from the beach. Here's me and my big brother doing a crossword there.

And chatting with my dad.

Beautiful sunsets!

And everyone who goes to Maui has to drive up Mt. Haleakala, the 10,000-foot, active volcano on the island. You're supposed to go at sunrise for the best views, but that just wasn't happening. :) Still amazing views, though.

Me pretending to fall into the crater erosional valley (the park rangers corrected us).

Hawaii really is an amazing place. It's also a reeeeaaaallly long way from the East Coast, but totally worth it.


li said...

Oh wow - looks totally amazing! Am so jealous...

jmc-bookrelated said...

Twin took excellent photos!

It looks like you all had a fabulous time.

judy said...

What a gorgeous place. Lucky girl!

rachel said...

Beautiful are awesome (especially when it's in a warm spot!)

nath said...

Wooooow... so nice!! and looks like you had fun, so that's great :D

CindyS said...

It must have been great to have the whole family there. Hawaii is one of those places I only dream about one day seeing (okay I would love to live there!). And I love your brother's girlfriend's name - Mirth. How fun!


Rosario said...

I love the pictures! Hawaii is beautiful, obviously, but what I like best is that it's clear you're all having a great time!

Keishon said...

Love the pictures and thanks for sharing. Lovely. I want to go one day myself. Sigh. Love the sunset pics and you guys do look a tiny bit different. *G* Thanks Jennie.

Whatcha reading now?

Jennie said...

Thanks, everyone! We really did have a great time--the whole family. Since us kids are all grown up now, we don't get to do much family vacationing, so it was really special.

Keishon--I'm reading Grimspace, since it got so much online talk. I'm about halfway through and still making up my mind about it. I saw the D review at AAR--it definitely seems like a book people have strong reactions to one way or the other. :)

Jace said...

Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Great pictures - and yes - wouldn't that be a dream job in a dream location!!!!