Saturday, November 17, 2007

Coolest program evah!

A friend at work put me on to this really cool downloadable software called Library Books. (Here's a write-up and here's where you can download.) It's a little program that automatically links to your library's catalog and retrieves your account info (what you have checked out and when it's due). It's so cool! And really unobtrusive. Here's a screenshot of my desktop's right upper-hand corner. See the little star and the 4? That means I have 4 books checked out.

Then if you click on the star, a little menu drops down listing all your books and when they're due. The icon apparently turns red when you have items overdue.

And there are links to your library's webpage too.

I may never have to pay fines again. Mom, you might even be able to start using the library again! Or have they banned you for life? ;)

Oh, this program is for Macs only. But apparently there is something called Library Elf for PCs.


Dev said...

I got really excited ~ until I saw it was for Macs only. Dang.

Have you started reading A Long Fatal Love Chase yet?

Chantal said...

I also got all stoked till I saw it was for macs.
I'm checking out the library elf website, but they don't make it sound as cool as this thing that you are using.

Chantal said...

K, I just signed up with library elf.
I have one book out of the libaray rightnow, so I'll see how well this things works.

Marmee said...

No, you ingrate of a child, the library has NOT banned me. I just choose to BUY books rather than pay fines. Cleaner, neater, and leaves fewer memories of your Grandpa handing me a stack of books and telling me to set them on the counter and leave as fast as I could. It's genetic, dontchaknow.
Anyway, the pie lottery is going on now and, hmm, apple doesn't seem to be favored to win. Dear me.
On the other hand, directing me toward a way NOT to pay fines might be worth peeling an apple or two. Tricky.

nath said...

LOL :) Sorry, I just read marmee's comment :P

this is such a cool program... too bad I don't use the library anymore.

Jennie said...

Dev--No, I haven't started it yet. But I should soon - I always get around to library books quicker because I know I'll have to return them. ;)

Chantal-You have to let us know how Library Elf works.

Marmee--You don't fool me. I know you're going to make apple pie. Because I'm the golden child. If you have to nix something, it had better be the cherry. Julie doesn't need it. ;)

Nath--It's a shame your library is so disappointing. :(

Tap said...

I use Library Elf; it's pretty good. It's a web service rather than a downloadable program, but the cool part is that it automatically e-mails you (1) a few days before books are due (2) daily when books are overdue and (3) when holds come in. The e-mails (and when you check online) include a list of books by due date, holds, and little calendars that say "Due" on the days books are due.

It definitely saves me a lot of trouble checking when things are due, but you have to check your e-mail. (There's also an RSS option, but I haven't tried it.)