Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lime green. Wicked.

As someone who used to work in production for a book publisher, I get ridiculously excited when I see books that have some unusual design or printing element. I was in Borders tonight and saw that the newly released mass-market edition of Wicked has bright, bright fluorescent green page edges (you totally can't tell from this image of the book cover, sadly). You know how really old books sometimes have gilt or red ink around the edges? Classy, right? Imagine it in green.

It's fantastic, because the book really pops out at you if you see a stack of them sitting on a table. So, snaps to HarperCollins. (Though I wonder how much it cost. Probably a pretty penny.) I almost bought a copy, even though I already have a trade paperback -- which I haven't even read yet. ;)

Oh but I did buy some books too (of course): The Runaway Bride by Julie Anne Long, Sexiest Man Alive by Diana Holquist, and Crazy in Love by Lani Diane Rich. Even though they have plain old paper -- no green ink anywhere. LOL. Proving that though I love pretty books, it's the words that really matter. :)


meljean brook said...

Yes yes! I've had the trade version forever, but I bought the mass market just because of the green edges.

Zeek said...

I believe this was the look for the Broadway production of Wicked, which i hear is nothing like the book. A good thing too because I have read it and didn't like it much at all (nicer words than what I originally typed.)

I DO want to see the show someday though!

Jennie said...

Meljean--You pushover. ;) It is a really cool idea though.

Zeek--I love the illustration. It's better than the original book cover. I wanted to see the show too, but tix were still sooo pricey that I never did. Maybe I'll get back to NYC to see it. Or I guess it'll probably start touring soon.

Twin read the book and didn't like it much either -- probably why I haven't gotten around to it.

julieree said...

I just noticed the title of this post and I think it is wicked cool.

I also just noticed that the word "wicked" as in "evil" and "wicked" as in "absorbed liquid" are spelled the same. wicked interesting.

ok i will take my fascinating insights and go now...