Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Latest acquisitions

I will actually do another book review at some point... But until then, look what I bought.

I'm reading Memory right now and loving it. Really loving it. I've been going completely out of order on Miles Vorkosigan (which I never do), so I'm heading back to the beginning. JMC, I'm sending you virtual hugs for introducing me to Bujold. ;)

Kristie was raving about Erinsong
. And it got a DIK at AAR, so this must be good.

This one is Jane's fault. I've never read Guhrke and have heard that her prose can run to purple, but I'm going to try it.

And this one because I just read my first Hunter and really liked it. And I got that one from PBS, and I always feel like if I discover an author I really enjoy through PBS I should buy their new one. Kind of silly, I know. But I have heard good things about this one too.

So there you go. I definitely didn't need them, but I sure wanted them. ;)
If the spacing on this post is not completely wonky, I will be much surprised.


nath said...

Hey Jennie :D

Hope you enjoy your buys :D I just got And Then He Kissed her too! Also because of Jane's review! Hopefully, we'll enjoy it as much :D

jmc said...

Have you gotten to the fishing? Hee. One of my favorite parts of Memory.

Jennie said...

Nath--I hope so!

JMC--Oooh, haven't gotten there yet. I'm having trouble picturing Miles going fishing. ;)

jmc said...

Um, yes, it's a little too staid an occupation for Miles. But he fixes that and solves the lack of fish problem in an innovative way ;)

*rubs hands gleefully* I'm adding to my tally of Bujold converts.

ag said...

I've got Rules on my reading list too :))