Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fiona tagged me!

1) When did you start blogging and why? In February of this year, so I'm a relatively new blogger. I started because I'd started reading some romance/reader blogs and they looked like fun! Plus there's only so much yapping about books that Twin will take. Her eyes glaze over and she starts nodding. It's much nicer to chat with people who are crazy like me.
2) What don't you talk about? I guess I don't talk about my personal life much. My life is really not thrilling. I'm saving you from boredom, really. :)
3) Are you and your blogging persona the same person? Umm, I guess so. I'm sadly honest in real life. Probably the worst liar ever, which totally sucks. It's not a morality thing either, it's just that people can tell when I lie. This is a bad thing, like when I want to call in "sick" to work.
4) How do you use blogging to build friendships? I like hearing what other people are reading and what books they like. Our favorites tell a lot about us, so I love getting to know people that way!
5) How would you describe your writing style? Concise. I'm a pretty quiet person in real life, tending to think things out before speaking. And I think that comes through in my writing as well.

Who shall I inflict this on?? I haven't had time to bloghop much this week, so I might be double tagging people, but oh well. Hmm. Samantha, Mailyn, Ames, jmc, and Jay.

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Mailyn said...

yay! I feel loved! you and Dylan tagged me!!! thanks! :)

wow you have a twin, how cool is that!