Sunday, March 19, 2006

I'm a Thingamabrarian!

LibraryThing is the coolest thing ever. It's a website that allows you to catalog your personal library. It's linked up to Amazon and a bunch of libraries, so all you have to do is punch in an ISBN or title and with one click it will add it to your database with all info intact. You can enter up to 200 titles for free or as many as you want for $10 a year. And you can put personal tags on your books and then search by those tags within your libary. For instance, I put "Jennie's" or "Julie's" as tags for all our books so that on that fateful day that we break up this happy household, we won't have to fight over whose books are whose.

Another cool thing about LibraryThing is that you can view the libraries of other people. So you can go to the listing of your favorite books and see who else has that book and then see what else is in their library.

And they have widgets! Scroll down and you'll see that I have a cool new sidebar here at Jennie's B(ook)log showing random books from my library. Follow the link to see my library.

(Am I a dork that this amuses me so much?)


Marmee said...

Did you consult with Julie when you declared ownership of these books?

On second thought, you'll both reach an amicable solution. You always do.

Jennie said...

Of course I consulted with Julie. And some of them are "share" books and if you'll look closely a couple say "mom's". So see, I'm not stealing books from anyone. You can repo your books anytime you want.

Marmee said...

Why would I repo them? Now I know where they are and they're in better care than mine (oh awesome daughter who uses bookmarks and doesn't leave books overturned at an open page).
Now all you have to worry about is the books of yours that are in my (uncataloged) library.
But then you know you can trust me -- at least not to get rid of any books.
And you are the best at lending books and recommending new books to an older reader who would just re-read a favorite few books if she didn't have such great advice.